You are not scared of attempting something new, instead, you are scared of the consequences it might bring to you.

  • Public Speaking-Fear is the root cause of all problems:
    I have often heard students coming to me with a complaint that they fear talking in public or they lack the confidence to do so. Well, yes, it is a very genuine problem among people. Imagine you are being pushed in front of an audience you barely know and can speak to but you have to deliver something. I know, most people would face shivering, some might also feel anxiety, some might feel nauseous, some might be fidgeting around and there goes on a list of fear symptoms that are never ending in nature.
  • Why does it happen?
    It is no doubt a commonly observed trait amongst individuals that they just can’t face people. Why? Simply because they feel that they won’t be able to handle the judgment that is going to come alongside their delivery of content. It is no rocket science to understand that the word is too good to not judge anyone, the world does judge you and so do the people and that is what we fear the most. The judgments.
    We are often bothered by others’ perspectives regarding us. They might not do their part of judging but we do assume and create a scene in our head along with dialogues speaking on our behalf. There is an entirely negative conversation going on in the mind regarding what people are gonna say in case we fail to perform well.
  • Other possible reasons-
    Other possible reason could be social anxiety, which is quite sensitive in nature. Lack of confidence could be another. The most prominent one is overthinking. We often assume and overthink a lot. As humans, we have developed a tendency of overthinking every little problem we go through! That is one super solid reason that you are scared of performing or delivering, simply because you are already overthinking the reactions of the people around you.
  • How to overcome this?
    There is certainly no medication required for you to overcome this. It’s a natural fear and trusts me it happens to everyone. All you can do to brave this is CALM YOURSELF. Most panic attacks, however big or small in nature, happen because we aren’t able to keep ourselves calm enough. We are constantly forcing our minds to run errands and find a solution to every problem or stress and an answer to every question that we have. It’s okay to not be able to handle everything at once including your fear but remember, escaping it would seldom help. Rather make it a point to face the fear and deal with it. Do not escape or run away. Face it! Deal with it! I know it is easy to say against being done and the one who suffers it knows it all, i Know all of it but till the time you don’t make an effort to make things better, things will remain as it is and so will your fear.
  • Work on yourself- How to actually do that the right way-
    Remember your school annual day annual function wherein you had to perform or deliver something? I am sure you do! We used to be all okay during practice! In fact we used to enjoy it a lot because there was no one to judge or see but the day of the performance, we all felt cold feet but once we were done, we used to get relaxed. Why? Simply because we faced it and dealt with it. We couldn’t escape at that time and so performing was the only option.
    Similarly, life is a stage too! You can’t run away or find an escape all the time! You will have to deal with it, you will have to face it and once you go through that, you will be fine!
    The way of dealing will be different for different individuals but you can always figure out the right way yourself and follow the same but remember, no escaping!
  • Meditation plays an important role in keeping the mind calm-
    As discovered earlier, keeping the mind calm is very important in order to be able to deal with things so always ensure that you have your calmness alongside you. To ensure the same, start meditating! Sit in some peaceful corner, close your eyes, listen to some soothing music and relax! Breathe and relax! This is going to help you retain your calmness forever.
  • Public speaking is definitely an art and you can ace it!
    Public speaking is an art indeed and you can ace it! You just have to retain your composure and deliver. Whenever you are walking down a room or a stage, you must ensure that the inner voice in you says that “YOU KNOW IT ALL”. Being nervous is very natural but do not let the nervousness take a toll on you. You can do anything that you want provided that you know it well!
  • Personality Development as a Method-
    In order to gain confidence in yourself, you can opt for personality development classes which will train you to work on yourself and gain confidence in yourself.
    Public speaking has become necessary in today’s time and we must ensure that we learn it the right way and personality development classes can help you accordingly so if you are not sure as to how you can help yourself, here’s an easy method for you!
    Lastly, I would say, everyone is bound to experience the fair share of lows and failures while attempting to perform but you can always brave anything and everything if you have the right willpower to do so.
  • All it will take is one moment for you to face it and ace it for the rest of your life! Just go for it!

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Yuthika Sharma
Soft Skills Trainer

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