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Software Development

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After completion of this course you will be able to apply for a job roles.

Module Lead

UI Designer

Lead Software Engineer

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Front End Developer

UI Developer

Angular Developer

Web Developer

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Our certificate courses have become renowned for their excellent curriculum and overall coverage of topics.

Live & Classroom Training (Real-time Instruction)

Combines the best of both traditional and modern learning approaches, offering a comprehensive educational experience.

LIVE Project

Our Live Project based training enables you to code and learn on the go. We are a one-of-a-kind training center to implement such a live training methodology.

Affordable Fees

It is necessary to provide affordable education to students and help them get quality training.

Learn from the Experts

The trainer’s knowledge and experience enable our students to learn precise skills with relative ease.

100% Placement Support

We have a separate Placement department that conducts regular placement drives for our students

Most Popular Employer Name for Employees with a Certified Angular Certification


Tata Consultancy Services


1 digital search


Globallogic India Ltd




Indium Software (India) Limited







Iteducationcentre in pune


Introduction to Angular Course

IT Education Center offers Angular training in Pune . Angular is a renowned web development platform that gives you a competitive advantage as a developer. Angular training introduces fundamental principles to beginners while also improving existing expertise for those who are already familiar with the platform.

Angular is a sought-after ability, and if a candidate possesses it, recruiters and IT businesses are looking for those candidates since Angular is a well-known full-fledged framework for single-page applications (SPA). The redesigned syllabus in this Angular course will turn Angular skills into specialists. Our training program contains projects that demonstrate the practical application of Angular in front-end development technologies. Begin learning Angular today and expand your programming skills with this powerful platform.

Proficiency After Training


Create project plans and analysis.


Create App in multiple languages to create specified products.


Web Application Development.


Application development.

Angular Training in Pune

Following Angular 16’s popularity, Angular 17 is eventually made available for development and leisure coding. The following notable release in the IT industry is the framework for web applications built on Type-script. Identical to its predecessor, Angular 17 is indeed created by Google. Join our Angular Classes in Pune and get placed in top companies to build your career. The release of Angular 17 includes standalone modules. By eliminating the requirement for Angular modules and JavaScript-based programming, this technology promises to speed up the creation of mobile applications. Improved template analysis, stand-alone elements, and additional capabilities for typed interfaces are all brought about by the move from Angular 16 to Angular 17.

Angular14 is covered as a main component in our Angular Course at IT Education Centre:

The usage of Angular as the sole base for intricate, extensive projects has indeed benefited the creation of the framework. Because of the drawbacks in HTML, many systems will be required while just providing the most basic features to their users. It could be possible for you to grow in your present position or find employment in the future if customers are inclined to accept Angular. Using Angular-based application software, a person with expertise in creating content may be able to get occupation while improving their quality of life, regardless of the most crowded marketplace of the computerized data engineering community. With the most recent improvements and capabilities, Angular is a fully extendable Angular framework for business projects.

Angular 17 is thought to be Google’s finest and meticulously planned update to the AngularJS suite. CLI auto-completion, typed responsive forms, independent components, declarations and pipelines, and improved theme debugging are some of the new features included in the Angular 17 version. The Angular team’s deliberate elimination of the requirement for Ng components, which reduces the volume of boilerplate code needed to launch the application, is the update’s standout feature. Join our Angular 17 classes in Pune if you wish to learn how to employ the most modern development approaches through our Angular17 programming courses.

In comparison to other typescript applications like ReactJS, the framework proved challenging for Angular and Typescript programmers with the introduction of Angular 16. Additionally, the additional Route.title function in the Angular network made inserting titles easier in version 16. IT Education Centre is providing Angular Classes in Pune for both Students as well as working professionals. When introducing a title to your web page in Angular 17, this does not need to be provided for any new imports. Students choose to receive training for Angular 17 because of the additional complexity and learning curve. Join this Angular course to learn further about Angular17 development and scripting.

Angular Classes in Pune

IT Education Centre is Pune’s leading training institute, delivering Angular training to beginners and professionals. Our Angular Course in Pune includes all you need to know & our In-depth teaching method prepares you to stand out by broadening your career prospects. If you want to pursue Angular Training in Pune then IT Education Centre is providing you with Angular Courses with professional and experienced experts.

At IT Education Centre, traditional lectures are combined with Angular classes in a dynamic way. Consequently, it helps our students begin learning Angular in the most comfortable and flexible manner. Angular17 is widely regarded as Google’s best and most meticulously designed upgrade to the AngularJS suite. Our Angular course in Pune at the IT Education Centre includes Angular17 as a key topic. 

 Key highlights of our Angular course in Pune:

  • Comprehensive Classroom Training
  • Get trained by industry experts with extensive knowledge and over ten years of experience
  • One-on-one interaction sessions for doubt clearance & deeper understanding of the subject
  • Get Access to specialized instructional tools and assistance
  • Ample Study Materials are Numerous recordings and continuous instruction options are available
  • Trained more than 20000+ students
  • 100% Placement Assistance

Eligibility for Angular Course

This Angular training course does not require any specific skill sets. However, having a basic understanding of JavaScript will be advantageous.

  • Any Graduate Student
  • BE/BSc Candidate
  • Post-Graduate Candidate
  • Software Developers, Web App Programmers, and IT Professionals
  • Testing Professionals and Software Architects

Enroll for our free Angular session to learn more about our Angular Training in Pune.

About IT Education Center

Our extensive business knowledge served as the foundation for the creation of our cross-functional Angular Course in Pune. We believe in providing quality training that includes entire core and advanced level topics.

At IT Education’s Angular Classes in Pune, effective teaching has been developed that builds on previous ideas and has been shown to improve with time. Our technical experts are hand-picked for their great Angular 17 programming skills, years of dependable experience, and leadership roles in recognized organizations. We connect people with subject-matter experts in the field who can effectively handle, improve, and progress them. Our instruction is highly extensive, and we have competent training experts that offer coaching at the IT Education Centre, which our students particularly appreciate.

IT Education’s Angular training in Pune offers you the best opportunity to improve your IT career.

Key reasons to choose IT Education for your Angular training

  • Designed to help you pass your certification examinations the first
  • Associated with well-known and established training institutes in Pune for certification and placement
  • Connects you to around 62 MNCs for genuine placement after the course
  • Covers each and every topic by following beginner to advance module
  • Working Professionals from Hinjewadi and other IT Parks are available at all times to teach you in live environments in the
  • IT Education Centre is a well-known certification training provider in Pune, with over 20,000 students trained and placed in Pune and other Maharashtra cities.

 About Angular Certification

Angular is a popular web development platform that gives you a competitive advantage as a developer. Google’s Angular is an open-source JavaScript framework. Angular is used to construct all of the interactive features that we see on websites. The framework’s major purpose is to aid in the creation of the single-page application.

Google has launched the latest version of the Angular typescript-based framework. The latest version of the single-page application framework attempts to improve the development experience by fixing defects reported by the community. The most current feature that will be allowed for updated applications is the default automatic font inline in Angular.

Comparing other typescript applications like ReactJS, the framework proved challenging for Angular and Typescript programmers with the release of Angular 16. Additionally, the inclusion of Route. title function in the Angular network made inserting titles easier in version 16. With Angular 17, introducing a title to your web page does not need to be provided for any new imports. Because of the increased complexity and learning curve, students choose to attend Angular 17 training. Learn more about Angular17 programming and scripting by enrolling in our Angular course in Pune.

You will gain in-depth knowledge of concepts like simplifying the construction of single-page web apps, dependency injection, typescript, components, and directives in our Angular Course in Pune. Angular17 is a main component that is covered in our Angular Course. At the end of the course, you will master front-end web development with Angular.

  Features of Angular

  • Strong encapsulation and a user-friendly application structure
  • Effective Cross-Platform Development
  • High Quality of Application
  • Improved Speed & Performance
  • Faster Development Process
  • Efficient Problem-Solving Pattern
  • Readable & Testable Code
  • More Lightweight Web Applications

What you will learn in our Angular Training Course in Pune?

You will learn the following concepts in this Angular course certification program:

  • Designing web applications using Angular
  • Creating Angular components with TypeScript
  • Deploying Angular Router to modularize applications
  • Bootstrap and responsive web design
  • Working on decorators & templates in Angular
  • Dependency injection in Angular

 Key skills and Knowledge of Angular Certified Developer

As an Angular Certified Developer, you will be able to build dynamic, responsive, and interactive web applications using Angular concepts such as –

  • Angular Modules
  • HTTP protocol communication with backend services
  • Components, Databinding
  • Angular Forms
  • Angular JS Directives and Pipes
  • Services and Dependency Injection (DI)
  • Routing
  • Authentication with JWT
  • Application Deployment

Technical Skills of Angular Developer

  • NPM (Node Package Manager)
  • Angular CLI (Command Line Interface)
  • HTML and CSS
  • Angular
  • TypeScript
  • JavaScript
  • RxJS
  • Git
  • Testing & Debugging
  • Responsive Design
  • Restful API Interaction

    Soft Skills of Angular Developer

    • Excellent communication skills
    • The ability for Teamwork & Commitment
    • Problem Solving

    Career Benefits of Learning Angular:

    • Increases your potential
    • Increases the Job Opportunities
    • Higher Salary
    • Working professionals enhance productivity by 80%

    Angular is a very skill-demanding language because most firms have transferred their projects to Angular and are planning to make their products enterprise-ready in the near future. Furthermore, it is employed by top multinational corporations, therefore there is a wide range of career opportunities in Angular by making your resume stand out. Angular helps you land the best employment by enhancing the web development profession.

    Enroll in our Angular Course in Pune to build a solid foundation of Angular skills and boost your framework expertise.

                                                                                                        Syllabus Angular  Js


    • Introduction to Angular
    • Introduction to Typescript
    • Angular Installation and Basics
    • Bootstrap CSS
    • Lifecycle Hook and Component Communication
    • Dependency Injection
    • Resolution Modifiers
    • HttpClient and RxJs
    • Setting Up HttpClientModule
    • HttpService 
    • RxJs observables and http get
    • RxJs Observable and Observer
    • Http Put and Delete
    • Http Request
    • ShareReplay RxJs Operators
    • Async Pipe
    • Routing Basics
    • Angular Router and default Route
    • Adding Angular material and navigation
    • Wild card, dynamic route and ActivatedRoute service
    • ParamMap and Activate Route Service
    • Template Driven Forms 
    • Validation
    • Pristine, Dirty State and Reset Form
    • Custom Directives and Custom Validation
    • Advanced Routing
    • Navigation using Router Service
    • Feature and Routing Module
    • Nested and Child Route
    • Lazy Loading
    • Configure Lazy Loading using CLI
    • Using ProvidedIn Any
    • Router Events
    • Listening to Router Events
    • Route Guards
    • CanActivate
    • CanActivateChild
    • CanLoad
    • Reactive Forms
    • Using Material Controls
    • Nested Form Controls
    • Dynamic Forms
    • Built-in Validators
    • Reset Form
    • Control Level Validation
    • SetValue and PatchValue
    • ValueChanges and UpdateOn
    • map operator with Form
    • Custom Validator
    • CanDeactivate Guard
    • CanDeactivate Guard and Form
    • Custom Pipe 
    • Resolve Guard
    • Global Error Handling
    • Error Handling
    • Testing Basics
    • First test
    • Testing Component and Service
    • Deployment and CI/CD
    • Using Netlify for Deployment
    • GitHub Actions to Automate Tasks


    Download Full Syllabus


    Who Can Do this Course?




    BE/ Bsc Candidate


    Any Engineers


    Any Graduate


    Any Post-Graduate


    Working Professionals

    Training Module

    Fast Track Batch


    Session: 4 Hrs per day + Practical

    Duration: 1 Months

    Certification: Yes

    Training Type: Classroom

    Study Material: Latest Book

    Days: Monday to Friday

    Practical & Labs: Regular

    Personal Grooming: Flexible Time


    Regular Batch


    Session: 1.5 Hrs per day + Practical

    Duration: 2 Months

    Certification: Yes

    Training Type: Classroom

    Study Material: Latest Book

    Days: Monday to Friday

    Practical & Labs: Regular

    Personal Grooming: Flexible Time


    Weekend Batch


    Session: 2.5 Hrs per day + Practical

    Duration: 2.5 Months

    Certification: Yes

    Training Type: Classroom

    Study Material: Latest Book

    Days: Saturday & Sunday

    Practical & Labs: Regular

    Personal Grooming: Flexible Time


    Frequently Asked Questions

    How About the Placement Assistance?

    All the Courses Are Merged With Placement Assistance

    Is The Course Fees In My Budget?

    We Are Committed For Lowest Course Fees in the Market

    Do you Provide Institutional Certification After the course?

    Yes! We do provide Certification straight after completion of the Course

    Is the IT Education Center's Angular instruction more suited for beginners?

    When learning Angular technology, combining multiple training techniques is beneficial. The students may then select based on their needs as the course content would have stayed the very same whether it was delivered offline or online.

    How about the Discount offer on this Course?

    Yes, this Course has heavy Offer discount in fees if you pay in One Shot/ Group Admission!

    I Am Worried About Fees Installment Option If Any?

    Don’t Worry! We Do Have Flexible Fees Installment Option

    Do We Get Practical Session For This Course?

    Yes! This Course Comes With Live Practical Sessions And Labs

    Do you provide an online Angular course in Pune? If so, what requirements must students meet for certification?

    Yes, we offer students in Pune the option of online instruction. After completing the online Angular training in Pune, students will also receive a recognized certification akin to other conventional certificates.

    What conditions must be met to enroll in the virtual and online Angular training offered by IT Education Centre?

    Students must have a private PC or a workstation with a good internet connection to participate in the online Angular courses offered by the IT Education Centre. For traditional courses, you can directly use the computers available at the facility.


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