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Career Opportunities

After completion of this course you will be able to apply for a job roles.

AWS Solution Architect

AWS Consultant

Cloud Architect

Senior Associate

AWS Cloud Administrator

AWS Python Developer

AWS Engineer

DevOps Engineer

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Most Popular Employer Name for Employees with a Amazon Web Services (AWS) Certification




Ericsson Inc.


TATA Consultancy Services Limited


HCL Technologies Ltd.


International BusinessMachines (IBM) Corp.


Akamai Technologies



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Introduction to AWS Course

The AWS Course in Latur is for those individuals who want to validate their comprehensive knowledge of all AWS cloud. There are three levels of AWS certificates available such as foundational, associate, and specialist degrees. Beginners who want to learn cloud fundamentals must gain fundamental skills with industry knowledge. In Associate level certification, professionals that have at least 1 year of working experience in solving problems and implementing cloud options using AWS cloud can get certified in alternative architect, AWS certified SysOps administrator partner, and AWS certified developer associate. Later on, you will proceed for specialties like networking, machine, Machine learning, Alexa ability builder, Data analytics, and also in Database.

After completing course, you'll be master in


Creates the General Cloud Structure and Contributes the Cloud migration Action


Accountable for end-to-end technical Purposes of Cloud migration


Function on migrating, architecting, building, and deploying systems and Software to some public Cloud.


Conduct regular reviews of instruction to Guarantee accuracy.


AWS platform and its providers comprehensive understanding


Cloud Option evaluation and its installation


Business system design and installation --AWS Option


Modify and redesign existing AWS solutions


Working Cost cutting mechanism for AWS Option implementation and upkeep.

AWS Course in Latur

AWS stands for Amazon Web Services in its entire form. It is a platform that provides scalable, adaptable, user-friendly, and affordable cloud computing solutions. AWS is an extensive, user-friendly computing platform provided by Amazon. The platform is created using a combination of packaged software as a service (SaaS), infrastructure as a service (IaaS), and platform as a service (PaaS) solutions.

Essential AWS Services
A variety of distinct international cloud-based products for business purposes are available from Amazon Web Services. The products include a pay-as-you-go pricing structure and include storage, databases, analytics, networking, mobile, and development tools.

  • EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) is a cloud-based virtual machine over which you have full OS control. This cloud server is always available for use.
  • LightSail: This cloud computing platform deploys and manages the networking, storage, and computing resources necessary to execute your applications automatically.
  • Elastic Beanstalk: This solution enables the provisioning and deployment of resources in an automated manner, such as a highly scalable production website.
  • EKS (Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes) is a technology that enables installation-free use of Kubernetes in an Amazon cloud environment.
  • The AWS Lambda service enables you to execute functions in the cloud. You can significantly reduce your costs by using the tool because you only pay when your functions are used.


Services for physical data migration between your data centre and AWS.
Databases on-site can be moved to AWS using the DMS (Database Migration Service) service. It aids in the migration from one database type to another, such as from Oracle to MySQL.
You can rapidly and easily transfer on-premises servers to AWS using the SMS (Server Migration Solution) service.

A little programme called Snowball lets you move gigabytes of data both inside and outside the AWS environment.

Amazon Glacier is a very affordable storage option. It provides quick and safe data archiving and backup storage.

Block-level storage is offered by Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) for usage with Amazon EC2 instances. Volumes stored on Amazon Elastic Block Store are network-attached and independent of an instance’s life.

Cloud-based storage is linked to on-premises software programmes through the AWS Storage Gateway service. The company’s self-storage system and AWS’s storage infrastructure can be securely integrated.

AWS Classes in Latur

Services For Security
Identification and Access Management IAM is a safe cloud security service that aids in user management, policy assignment, and group creation for user management. Inspector is a security vulnerability reporting agent that you can install on your virtual machines.

For your domains that Route53 manages, the service Certificate Manager provides free SSL certificates.

  • The WAF (Web Application Firewall) security service provides application-level security, enables you to prevent SQL injection, and aids in preventing cross-site scripting assaults.
  • Cloud Directory— Using this service, you may build adaptable, cloud-native directories for handling data hierarchies along many dimensions.
  • Key Management Service (KMS) — A managed service, that is. With the aid of this security solution, you may generate and manage the encryption keys necessary to secure your data.
  • Groups of AWS accounts can be created using this service to manage security and automation settings.
  • Shield—Shield controls DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service protection service). It provides defences against web applications that use AWS.
  • It provides a data visibility security service that aids in classifying and securing your sensitive important content, according to Macie.
  • GuardDuty— It provides threat detection to safeguard your AWS workloads and accounts.

Services for databases

  • It is simple to set up, run, and scale a relational database in the cloud with Amazon RDS, an AWS service for databases.
  • It is a quick, fully-managed NoSQL database service called Amazon DynamoDB. It is a straightforward solution that makes data storage and retrieval affordable. Additionally, it enables you to handle any volume of request traffic.
  • A web service called Amazon ElastiCache makes it simple to set up, manage, and grow an in-memory cache in the cloud.
  • Neptune is a graph database service that is quick, dependable, and scalable.
  • You can run sophisticated OLAP queries using Amazon RedShift, the company’s data warehousing offering.
  • Analytics
  • Athena— Finding files using perm SQL queries on your S3 bucket is possible with this analytics solution.
  • Create a fully managed search engine for your website with CloudSearch, an AWS service.
  • ElasticSearch resembles CloudSearch in many ways. More features, such as application monitoring, are available though.
  • Kinesis— This AWS analytics solution enables massive-scale streaming and analysis of real-time data.
  • QuickSight— It is a tool for business analytics. You can use it to generate dashboard visuals for data in Amazon Web Services. S3, DynamoDB, etc., are some examples.
  • The AWS analytics service called EMR (Elastic Map Reduce) is mostly used for big data processing tools like Spark, Splunk, Hadoop, etc.
  • Data pipeline— Enables data transfer from one location to another. for instance, S3 to DynamoDB.

Management consulting

  • Monitoring AWS environments like EC2, RDS instances, and CPU use is made easier using CloudWatch. Additionally, it sets off alarms based on a variety of criteria.
  • Using CloudFormation, infrastructure may be converted to the cloud. Using templates, you can quickly provide a complete production environment.
  • CloudTrail – It provides a simple way to audit AWS resources. You can use it to record all changes.
  • OpsWorks— With this service, you may deploy Chef/Puppet automatically in an AWS environment.
  • Config: This AWS service keeps an eye on your surroundings. When you violate certain established configurations, the tool notifies you of the modifications.
  • Large businesses can use this service to approve which services users will utilise and which they won’t.
  • AWS Auto Scaling – With this service, you may automatically scale up and down your resources based on specified CloudWatch criteria.
  • Systems Manager— You can organize your resources with this AWS service. It enables you to spot problems and take appropriate action.
  • Managed Services: By managing your AWS infrastructure, you can concentrate on your apps.
  • IoT Core for the Internet of Things is an AWS-managed cloud service. The service enables safe communication between linked objects, including autos, lightbulbs, sensor grids, and other gadgets.
  • IoT Device Management – It enables you to manage any number of IoT devices.
  • IoT Analytics—Using this AWS IOT service, you can analyze the data that your IoT devices have collected.
  • Amazon IoT device connectivity is made possible by the real-time operating system for microcontrollers known as FreeRTOS.

It is possible to visualize what is happening inside your application and which microservices it is utilizing by using the Application Services Step Functions.

The service, known as SWF (Simple Workflow Service), aids in coordinating both automated and human-led tasks.

Using the SNS (Simple Notification Service), you can receive email and SMS messages depending on certain AWS services.

Use the AWS service SQS (Simple Queue Service) to decouple your apps. The service is pull-based.

Elastic Transcoder is an AWS service utility that enables you to modify a video’s format and resolution to accommodate a variety of devices with varied screen resolutions, including laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Management and Deployment

  • AWS CloudTrail: This service sends you backlog files and records AWS API requests.
  • AWS resources like Amazon EC2 and Amazon RDS DB Instances are monitored via Amazon CloudWatch. You can also keep an eye on unique metrics that users’ applications and services have developed.
  • AWS CloudHSM: By utilizing Hardware Security Module (HSM) appliances inside the AWS environment, this AWS solution enables you to comply with contractual, regulatory, and organizational compliance obligations for ensuring data security.

Engineer’s Tools

  • Create, manage, and work with various software development projects on AWS using CodeStar, a cloud-based service.
  • The version control service offered by AWS, CodeCommit, enables you to save your code and other assets secretly in the cloud.
  • This Amazon developer service called CodeBuild will assist you in automating the building and compilation of your code.
  • CodeDeploy is a tool for automatically deploying your code to EC2 instances.
  • CodePipeline— It aids with the establishment of deployment pipelines for development and production environments that include testing, building, testing, authentication, and deployment.
  • For authoring, executing, and debugging code in the cloud, there is a tool called Cloud9.

Cellular services

  • You may add, set up, and create functionality for mobile apps using the Mobile Hub.
  • Users can sign up for Cognito using their social identities.
  • Device Farm: By quickly testing thousands of mobile devices, Device Farm enables you to raise the caliber of your apps.
  • AWS AppSync is a fully managed GraphQL solution that provides offline programming capabilities and real-time data synchronization.
  • Corporate Productivity
  • Utilizing Alexa, Alexa for Business gives your company voice-activated power. It will enable you to develop personalized voice abilities for your business.
  • Chime—Can be used for video conferencing and online meetings.
  • WorkDocs— Assists with cloud document storage
  • You can send and receive business emails with WorkMail.

Computer and app streaming

  • WorkSpaces — A VDI is a workspace (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure). You can use remote desktops in the cloud thanks to it.
  • AppStream is a technique for delivering desktop apps live to users through their web browsers. Using MS Word in Google Chrome, as an illustration.
  • Machine intelligence
  • The Lex— Lex tool makes it simple to create chatbots.
  • The text-to-speech tool offered by AWS enables you to produce audio versions of your notes, Polly.
  • Rekognition is a facial recognition service offered by AWS. You can identify people and objects in pictures and videos with the aid of this AWS service.
  • You can create, train, and use machine learning models at any scale using SageMaker.
  • AWS’s speech-to-text service, Transcribe, provides transcriptions that are both accurate and reasonably priced.
  • You may translate text from one language to another with this application, which is very similar to Google Translate.

AR & VR (Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality) (Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality)

  • Sumerian is a collection of tools used to provide high-quality virtual reality (VR) experiences online. You can publish interactive 3D scenes as websites for users to visit using the service.
  • Customer Interaction
  • You can set up a cloud-based customer support centre using Amazon Connect.
  • Pinpoint—Pinpoint enables you to interact with and comprehend your users.
  • You can send mass emails to your customers using SES (Simple Email Service) for a reasonably low cost.

Game Creation
GameLift is a service that is under AWS’s management. This service enables you to host dedicated game servers. You can scale easily without bringing your game offline thanks to it.

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