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Data Science Course in Pune

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Software Development

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Career Opportunities

After completion of this course you will be able to apply for a job roles.

Data Analyst

Data Scientist

Data Scientist, IT

Solutions Architect

Development Operations (DevOps) Engineer

Senior Software Engineer

Data Engineer

Senior Systems Engineer

What IEC offers you?


Our certificate courses have become renowned for their excellent curriculum and overall coverage of topics.

Live & Classroom Training (Real-time Instruction)

Combines the best of both traditional and modern learning approaches, offering a comprehensive educational experience.

LIVE Project

Our Live Project based training enables you to code and learn on the go. We are a one-of-a-kind training center to implement such a live training methodology.

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It is necessary to provide affordable education to students and help them get quality training.

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The trainer’s knowledge and experience enable our students to learn precise skills with relative ease.

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Most Popular Employer Name for Candidates with a Data Science with R Certification


Google, India










Burger King



Iteducationcentre in pune


Introduction to Data Science Course

Scale up your career, and become Future-Ready. Join our Data Science Course in Pune!Data Science is fast evolving field with new technologies, tools & applications emerging regularly. Opportunities abound in the Data Science field, so if you have the education and qualifications, jobs are waiting for you now and in the future. The Data Science Training in Pune offered by IT Education Centre will assist you in becoming a Data Science specialist.

Learn probability, regression, and inference, to mention a few topics from the data science domain. Machine learning will teach you how to create algorithms. SQL and Hadoop will enable you to deal with massive amounts of data – to access, control, and partition it. Programming can assist you in putting all of this into action and obtaining the desired insights and consequences.

Proficiency After Training


Learn all new aspects of Data Science.


Understand the ecosystem of Data Science


You will be able to work on file formats on different data.


You will have a good understanding of Data Science Algorithms.


You will be able to work on real time projects.

Data Science Classes in Pune

IT Education Centre is a leading institute delivering industry-pioneering innovational training through our various courses. We provide the best Data Science Training in Pune with our most experienced industry expert trainers in Data Science. We offer training to meet the needs of students ranging from beginners to experts.

Our Data Science Classes in Pune teach you in-demand skills in Data Science. The curriculum concludes with a project designed to reinforce your substantial learning by developing a real-world industrial product that incorporates all of the main concepts you studied throughout the program. These abilities will help you prepare for the profession of Data Scientist.

Master Data Science with our instructor-led Data Science Course in Pune. The course includes Python programming, machine learning, and other topics, as well as real-world projects.

Key Highlights of our Data Science Classes in Pune:

  • Classroom & Online Training
  • Dedicated Program Support
  • Designed for Working Professionals
  • Career Bootcamps
  • 60+ Industry Projects
  • High-Performance Coaching
  • Personalized Industry Session
  • Learn from IIT Faculty & Industry Practitioners
  • 1:1 with Industry Experts & 24*7 Support

Ideal Candidates for Data Science Course:

  • Freshers
  • Engineers, Marketing & Sales Professionals
  • Domain Experts
  • Software & IT Professional seeking upskilling

Minimum Eligibility for Data Science Course:

  • Graduate / Post Graduate

Key reasons to choose IT Education Center –

At IT Education, you get trained by leading faculty & industry experts with our best-in-class curriculum in the form of industry projects, assignments, and live sessions. Below are key factors that make our Data Science Training the best match for you.

  • Interactive Online & Offline Training Sessions by expert trainers
  • Our Trainers have Strong Theoretical & Practical Knowledge of their domains
  • Provide High-Performance Coaching to help you track your performance
  • Arrange live discussion forums for doubt resolution by experts
  • Provide Interview preparation assistance
  • We associate with various industries for placement assistance
  • Connect with 1000+ companies those are that best match your skills

About Data Science Certification

If you’re wondering how to get started in data science, you’ll need analytical, machine learning, statistics, Hadoop, and other hard skills. You will also succeed in this profession if you have strong “soft” skills such as critical thinking, and persuasive communication, and are an excellent listener and problem solver.

You learn how to make data-driven decisions, Machine Learning, programming, SQL & Hadoop in this Data Science Course in Pune using one of the top data science programs that offer a highly engaging learning environment with the use of academic excellence.

This Data Science Certification introduces you to the concept of integrated applied learning, which helps to build experience in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. Obtain a work-ready grasp of important skills &, concepts such as Hadoop, PROC SQL. Spark, SAS Macros, data mining and wrangling, data visualization, regression models including linear and logistic regression, clustering, hypothesis testing, statistics, decision trees, unsupervised and supervised learning, and more.

Build the below Skills during your Data Science Classes in Pune.

  • Gain in-depth knowledge of data structure and manipulation
  • Learn clustering, dimensionality reduction, linear regression, logistic regression, K-NN, and pipeline.
  • Learn about and apply linear and nonlinear regression models, as well as data classification strategies.
  • Use the SciPy package and its sub-packages such as Integrate, Optimize, Statistics, IO, and Weave to perform technical and scientific computing.
  • Learn about mathematical computing by utilizing the NumPy and Scikit-Learn packages.
  • Learn about the many components of the Hadoop ecosystem.
  • Gain hands-on experience with HBase, its architecture, and data storage. Learn how to recognize the difference between HBase and RDBMS and how to split data with Hive and Impala.
  • Understand MapReduce and all of its features, as well as how to consume data using tools such as Sqoop and Flume.
  • Learn the fundamentals of the recommendation engine and time series modeling. Gain practical knowledge of machine learning algorithms, principles, and applications.
  • Learn how to analyze data using Tableau and how to create interactive dashboards.

Programming Language & Tools Covered in Data Science Training in Pune

  • Python
  • MS Excel
  • MySQL
  • Tableau
  • ApacheSpark
  • Flume
  • Hadoop
  • Hive
  • Power BI
  • MangoDB
  • Sqoop
  • Shiny
  • Keras
  • Tensar Flow
  • Apache Hbase
  • Amazon Redshift
  • Apache Airflow
  • OpenCV
  • AWS
  • Map Reduce
  • Amazon EC2
  • Kafka

You will have huge responsibilities as a Data Scientist. The critical data science disciplines listed below are the essential competencies and talents that every business looks for in a candidate.

Must have skills as a Data Scientists :

  • Probability & Statistics
  • Business Intelligence
  • Programming Languages
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Manipulation

Proficiency after the Data Science Certification

  • Discover new facets of Data Science
  • Become well-versed in Data Science Algorithms
  • Work on real-world projects
  • Effectively work on various formats of Data

Career Benefits

Data scientists assist organizations in identifying various job possibilities by utilizing various data science and analytical processes. They also use extracted data to estimate future market situations, allowing businesses to make fundamental changes and prepare for adversity.

  • Data Science is one of the most Highly Paid Career
  • Become an integral part of a Company, as a Data Scientist help to solve complex business problems
  • Network with Data Science professionals across all industries
  • There are countless Career Opportunities

Future Scope of Data Science

Businesses today are becoming more aware of the value of making data-driven decisions across a variety of industries. Additionally, it’s the newest buzzword in the IT industry, and its market demand is continuously increasing. As a result, the field of data science and related employment opportunities are growing quickly in India.

Due to the advancement of technology, data science has become significantly more influential. Numerous cutting-edge technological concepts, like Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning (ML), and many more are incorporated into data science. In today’s world, the relevance of data collection is critical since it allows businesses to determine and hence influence our purchase habits. As a result, it uses its purchasing power to exert significant control.

Industries that are surely making use of Data Science are :

  1. HealthCare
  2. Information Technology
  3. Finance
  4. E-Commerce & Retail
  5. Manufacturing & Supply Chain
  6. Telecommunication
  7. Weather Forecasting
  8. Fraud Detection
  9. Gaming
  10. Transportation & Logistics

Demand for Data Science

Data science positions are currently rising at twice the rate of all other jobs, with demand surpassing supply, which means that if you know how to analyze data, you’ll be in great demand as businesses hire and retain competent data scientists.

Here are a few reasons why data science will continue to be in demand in the future: 

  • A Startling Increase in The Amount of Data
  • Data Science Field is constantly evolving, rising the opportunities year by year
  • The Inability of Businesses to Manage Data, making the necessity to appoint Data Analyst
  • Revised Data Privacy Regulations are the most important aspect for any Business in this Digital Era.

Future Trends of Data Science 

Data science is constantly evolving with new techniques, tools, and applications being introduced on a regular basis. Data science made it easy to access data by leveraging cloud deployment and data analytics. More data scientists are focusing on adopting hybrid cloud to address difficult business problems faster. Natural Language Processing (NLP), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), and Machine Learning (ML) algorithms, in conjunction with data science, have been assisting businesses in solving massive datasets and empowering human-machine interactions.

Below are top data science predictions:

  • More Deep Learning Advancements

Deep learning has already made enormous advances, but more are on the way. Developing more sophisticated and efficient neural networks to tackle complex problems.

  •  Integration of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing will be a key enabler by offering more specialized tools, pre-trained models, and collaborative environments tailored for data scientists and machine learning practitioners.

  •  Higher Contextual Understanding

Conversational AI systems will get an improved grasp of context, enabling more dynamic and context-aware dialogues. They will be able to recall earlier encounters, keep context in a discussion, and deliver more personalised responses depending on user history.

  •  Natural language processing & Reinforcement learning

Language processing improves machines’ ability to interpret and generate human language. Reinforcement learning helps to build systems that can learn through trial and error to optimize decision-making processes.

  •  AutoML

AutoML is among the current trends in data science, making data science more accessible to non-experts by automating the process of selecting and adjusting machine learning models.

  •  Ethical AI and Responsible Data Science

As data-driven technologies grow more prevalent, a greater emphasis will be placed on ethical considerations and acceptable data science practices. Fairness, bias, privacy, and transparency regulations and norms will become more important.

The expanding number of opportunities in data science indicates many uses and high demand for persons with good data science skills. Whether working as professionals, entrepreneurs, freelancers, or consultants, persons with data science knowledge have the ability to make major contributions to organizations, solve complex challenges, and lead innovation.

Overall, data science is a wonderful career path if you want to make a difference through data-driven decision-making. With the expanding future scope of data science, it is worth considering as a career option. To develop the right skills, a certification in a Data Science course is highly advised.

Boost your credentials by upskilling in Data Science Course in Pune with IT Institute!

Syllabus of Data Science

Introduction to Data Science

  • What is Data Science
  • What does data science involves
  • Life cycle of Data Science
  • Tools of Data Science
  • Introduction to Python

Python environment Setup and Essentials

  • Introduction to python
  • Software installation
  • Basic operators and functions
  • Data types with python
  • Conditional statement
  • Mathematical Computing with Python (Numpy)

Mathematical Computing with Python (Numpy)

  • Introduction to Numpy
  • Introduction to numpy arrays
  • How to Access Array Elements?
  • Indexing, Slicing, Iteration, Indexing with Boolean Arrays
  • Dealing with Flat Files using numpy
  • Mathematical functionsStatistical functions (mean, median, average, standard deviation)
  • Operations with arrays

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