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Electrical CAD Class in Pune

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Electrical CAD Classes in Pune

Electric CAD Center- The One with electric CAD certificate engineer Can operate in an MNCs who copes in Digital Machines/Products Development. The part of Electrical engineers would be to analyze and design digital products mostly microchips and electronic elements etc. After finishing AutoCAD Electrical Classes candidate may apply for the post of Circuit Design Engineer in a digital business, as Circuit Design Engineer he/she will operate on circuit designing or Schematic diagrams that will aid in making electric systems. An Individual can apply for the post of Electric Designer chiefly work on electric equipment & electronic goods design.

Proficiency After Training


In Our Training class On AutoCAD Electrical, students will learn when it is acceptable to simplify or edit Electrical CAD layouts for almost any Schematic or Electrical project, and the best way to accomplish it.


Learn how to use the AutoCAD Electrical user interface and also how to work with Electric CAD drawings, the way to modify the elements, how to apply tags and attributes, how to address the mistakes using Electrical audit, and how to plot and print the reports.


Within our AutoCAD Electrical Training, you will learn the fundamentals of wiring diagram theory and gain knowledge on the best way best to create and modify models both in 2D drawings and 3D models.


Students will be able to make Electrical circuit designs for all-electric requirements in which geometric dimensions can be described in good detail.

What is AutoCAD Electrical?

AutoCAD Electrical is a professional control panel of Autodesk. The AutoCAD electric software raises the productivity rates of around 80 percent when compared to the usual procedures of 2D drafting. The sound understanding of this computer software can allow electric engineers to exploit the excess availability of specially designed electric drafting tools to boost productivity.

The AutoCAD Electrical Classes will concentrate on the summary of AutoCAD electric with emphasis on design conventions; using emblem and their libraries, creation, and insertion of PLC design modules, and the company of PLC database records. The class will also teach the pupils about creating a bill of materials coverage, making PLC I/O drawings out of spreadsheets, cable numbering, and part tagging.

Computer-Aided Design (CAD) for Electrical engineering is the use of computer applications to assist draft Electrical designs and technical 2-dimensional or 3-dimensional Electrical drawings rather than having to draw detailed circuit plans by hand. Using Electrical AutoCAD software mostly saves ample time creating an in-depth Electrical design plan.

AutoCAD Electric is a bit of CAD software made by Autodesk and is devoted to professional usage in creating Electrical layout and circuit programs for projects like infrastructure, residential, industrial, structure, and electric.

AutoCAD Electrical is flexible and used in many different businesses, so, learning AutoCAD drafting an essential ability for the Electrical Engineer.

The very first release of this software had just primitive items like basic draw tools such as polygons, lines, circles, arcs, and text to assemble complicated items. When it arrived to support customized items via an API. The most recent edition of the software includes a whole set of modeling controls for sound modeling and 3-D. AutoCAD also supports various application program interfaces for automatic and customized operating for Electric engineers.

In AutoCAD Electric “.DWG” (drawing) is the basic record format for AutoCAD and benchmark for CAD data interoperability. The application also offers support for Layout Templet Format (DWF) format developed by Autodesk for publishing CAD data.

What is Electrical Drawing in AutoCAD Electrical?

Electrical drawings are technical documents that make it simple to comprehend the electric circuit layout and specify the particulars of designs for electric systems. Employees utilize electric drawing files to set up systems onsite and also to create Shure everything is according to the layout. In electric drawings made in AutoCAD Electric, each Kind of element and link has its own technical label, description, symbol, and each detail issues


AutoCAD Electrical layout program helps electrical engineers and detailers drive management system design productivity to previously unachievable levels with specialized electric layout performance and toolsets geared towards electric control system design demands.

AutoCAD Electrical can be obtained within AutoCAD with Licensed toolsets and is a part of this Autodesk Architecture, Engineering & Construction Collection for AEC customers as well as the Product Design & Manufacturing Collection, that’s useful for consumers engaged with electronic prototyping workflows or who must export information such as Indices in 3D modeling software like Autodesk Inventor applications.

Component databases 

In electrical CAD software, the symbols from the diagrams could be intelligent. This usually means they can include an article number for the component they represent — and much more important: the electric connection points of the elements could be identified and managed intelligently by the software.

Being able to attach these types of information to a component, enables the software to update all sorts of lists automatically.

With this software, you freely download component databases containing tens of thousands of article numbers from leading component manufacturers. This opens for a very outstanding workflow:

  • When you select a part from one of these databases, you obtain a pick menu containing the electrical symbols for this part
  • When you place these symbols onto the diagrams, article data are automatically transferred into the diagrams
  • Therefore the program can complete all sorts of lists automatically, without you having to type in any part information at all.
  • When you replicate these symbols from the diagrams, the replicated symbols still carry the identical article data as the originals.
  • This is quite a time-saver in daily work.

Combining the powers of electrical and mechanical CAD

But why not use the powers of both AutoCAD and electrical CAD software at precisely the same time? Should you generally create e.g. floor plan drawings in AutoCAD, well, you may just continue doing this. Having finished the ground plan in AutoCAD, you simply insert it from the electric software as a so-called OLE object.

From the electrical CAD software PCSCHEMATIC Automation, after that you can draw the electric drawings in addition to this AutoCAD file. . When you have to make modifications in the floor program, you can then open it into AutoCAD directly from PCSCHEMATIC. You can then alter the floor plan as you generally do in AutoCAD.

When you have finished the modifications, you return the normal functioning style of PCSCHEMATIC and include more electrical data to your PCSCHEMATIC drawing on top of the AutoCAD drawing. Working this way, it’s possible to make an AutoCAD floor plan directly from PCSCHEMATIC and keep it as an AutoCAD file within the PCSCHEMATIC document.

However, to truly have a workflow such as this, requires the installation of both AutoCAD and PCSCHEMATIC.

Importing AutoCAD documents

If you do not wish to purchase an AutoCAD license, you can make the 2 software communicate in a different way. A normal workflow could here be the architect constructs a ground plan drawing in AutoCAD, and export it as a DWG or a DXF file to the electrical division, which utilizes PCSCHEMATIC. They load the document and add the electric documentation into the floor plan.

In this method, they could use all of the specially designed electrical functions in the electrical CAD software. Having added the electrical information, the electrical drawings are exported back to AutoCAD in DWG/DXF format, so the architect receives the information he needs. Apart from that, it’s worth mentioning that creating floor plan drawings really is quite easy in PCSCHEMATIC on a draft or tender material level — but you probably should not build a home from it.

When to use AutoCAD for Electric documentation

But before rushing off to purchase an electric CAD-software, it’s important to consider how frequently you create documentation. If you just need to draw a circuit diagram once per month, including a parts list with only 38 parts, you could still do with AutoCAD.

If these are the sole needs, you should not invest money in innovative electrical CAD software.

Free software for smaller documentation missions

As an alternative, it is possible to really get the free PCSCHEMATIC Automation 40 applications, which includes all the complex functions, but only permits you to save projects containing 40 electrical symbols. In addition to this software, you receive the full manual to the software — ready to print.

A third option could be among those wise or Flex variations of PCSCHEMATIC, which are quite inexpensive, contains all of the innovative features in the software, and lets you save jobs containing around 150 or 350 symbols.

Assess your needs

Having said all this, the most important factor still remains: Which you analyze everything you really need, and also how long spent creating electrical documentation in what just may be an unsuitable software to the mission. It is almost always a fantastic idea to have a look at the current market, and also compare the electric features in the unique electrical CAD software in the marketplace

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