The main intention of Java Programming language was to make java programming easy to develop, simple, and secure programming language. To achieve this Java Programming provides us some features with that Java is a more flexible programming language to develop programs.

The following diagram shows the most important features of Java Programming language:

java classes in pune


Java Programming Language is very easy to learn and understand and its syntax is simple and easy to get easily.

Following are some reasons why Java Programming is Simple to understand and easy to write:

  • Java syntax and most of the functionality is based on C++ programming language (so it is easy for developers to learn and understand java programming concepts after learning C++ programming language).
  • Java has removed some complicated features from java concepts so no more use of these concepts in Java Programming Language, for example, pointers, operator overloading, friend function, etc.
  • In Java Programming Language there is no need to remove unreferenced objects because there is an Automatic Garbage Collection in Java.



Java is portable because after the compilation of the Java Program, we get bytecode and if you copy that bytecode from your system’s environment to another environment. It doesn’t require any implementation.



Java is a truly object-oriented programming language. Java considers everything object in Java programming. This means in Java we can access things with classes and objects only.

Object-oriented programming (OOP) is a computer programming concept that deals with data, or objects, rather than functions and logic.



Following are the Object Oriented Programming language concept:

Class – Class is a collection of Data Member and Member Functions.

Object – The object is a blueprint of the class.

Abstraction – To hide unnecessary details from the user is known as abstraction.

Encapsulation – Club the data and code together is known as encapsulation.

Inheritance – Inheritance is a mechanism to acquire the property of one class into another class.

Polymorphism – A single entity having a different behavior is known as polymorphism.



Java is the best programming language for security.

Java is secured because:

  • Java does not support the explicit pointer concept.
  • Java Programs run inside a JVM.
  • Java Programs use the class loader concept and it is a part of the java run time environment.


Platform Independent

Java Programming Language is platform-independent because it is executing on any platform like Windows, Linux, Mac/OS, etc.




Java is a strong(robust) programming language because:

  • Java has very strong memory management.
  • Java provides automatic garbage collection.
  • Java supports exception handling
  • Pointer is not used in Java.



Java programming language is a dynamic language because it supports the dynamic loading of classes. Java programming language also supports functions which is created in C and C++.




Java is architecture neutral because the size of the primitive data types is fixed in every architecture of OS like 32-bit or 64-bit.



Java is an Interpreted programming language because it executes the instruction directly without compiling the a program into machine-level language.



Java programming byte code is near to native code so we can execute the java program in any environment.


Java programming language executes multiple threads simultaneously by providing the resources to the block of the code. A thread is like a block of code, executing concurrently.



With Java programming, we can share data and programs. In Java Programming we can access data or object remotely.



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Author: Ambarish Durani

JAVA Trainer

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