Java8 Features – Complete Guide The most anticipated release in Java programming language development is Java 8 because it has never released so many major releases in its entire history. On March 18, 2014, Oracle announced the release of a new version of Java. Java was instrumental in providing support for functional programming, new Java 8 APIs, a new JavaScript engine, a new Java 8 streaming API, functional interfaces, default methods, date-time API changes, and many more.

Java 8 Features:

  1.           Lambda Expression
  2.           Functional Interface
  3.           Streams
  4.           Method Reference
  5.           Optional Class
  6.           Camparable and Comparator
  7.           Date Time API


  1. Lambda Expression
    In essence, a lambda expression expresses a single instance of a functional interface; in other words, it gives an expression-based representation of a functional interface method that is both explicit and simple.
  2.  Functional Interface
    A functional interface is one that only has one abstract method; however, there is no restriction on the number of default and static methods that can be included in a functional interface.
  3. Streams
    In Java 8, the Stream API was added, and it is used to handle collections of objects utilizing the functional coding approach and lambda expressions. Consequently, you need to be familiar with both lambda and functional interfaces in order to comprehend what stream API is.
  4.  Method Reference
    A method reference is a simplified way to call a method using a lambda expression. There are four different categories of technique references, as follows:
    Method Reference for Static
    Reference for the instance method of a specific object
    Reference to the instance method of any arbitrary object of a specific type
    Reference for constructors.
    5 Optional Class
    In jdk8, Java included a new class called Optional. It is a final public class that is used in Java applications to handle NullPointerException. To use and implement this class, you must import the java. util package. It offers techniques for determining whether a certain variable has a value.
    Comparable offers just one order of sorting. To put it another way, we can order the collection according to a single attribute like an ID, name, or price.
    The objects of a user-defined class are sorted using the Java Comparator interface. The java. util package contains this interface, which has the methods compare(Object obj1, Object obj2), and equals(Object element).It offers a variety of sorting options, allowing you to arrange the pieces according to any piece of data, such as a roll number, name, age, or anything else.
    8 Date/Time API
    Since Java 8, Java has unveiled a new Date and Time API. Java 8 Date and Time classes can be found in the java. time package.

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