The Salesforce Certified Administrator exam is a 105-minute exam of 65 single or multi-select questions. The score to pass is 65% correctly answered questions. The Cost of certification exam is $200 USD to take the exam and $80 to $100 USD to retake it. This is either PASS or FAIL results exam. If you pass the exam then you will get a certification from Salesforce itself.

  1. Check  All the Concepts in the Study Guide of Administrator & Group Objectives

Review the Administrator Exam outline. Split all the objectives list into two categories: one with the more weightings and the second with weightings under 9%.

We should focus most of our study efforts on the first category (heaviest weightings). If we are able to answer all the questions correct in our first set of objectives, then we can pass the exam.

  • Standard and Custom Objects (18%) [11 questions]
  • Security and Access (15%) [9 questions]
  • Reports & Dashboards (13%) [8 questions]
  • Data Management (11%) [7 questions]
  • User Creation & Setup (9%) or Sales Cloud Applications (9%) [5 questions/each]


Do not be over confident or assume, you can get all the questions correct in the category above you should have some knowledge of the lower weighted objectives as well within Salesforce Classes in Pune. Because, it can be asked 2-4 questions on each objective below and don’t spend a lot of time to know the ins and outs of each concept.

  • Workflow Automation (7%) [4 questions]
  • Service Cloud Applications (6%) [4 questions]
  • Activity Management (3%)  [2 questions]
  • Content and Folder Management (2%) [1 question]
  • Desktop and Mobile Configuration (2%) [1 question]
  • App Exchange (2%) [1 question]
  • Organization Setup (1%) [1 question]
  • Global User Interface (1%) [1 question]
  • Chatter (1%) [1 question]
  1. Take a Self Assessment on the Objectives and ID Areas Needing Knowledge Improvement

If you have checked all the objectives above, do an assessment to determine where you stand against each and every objective. So you will identify, in which field do you consider your strengths and which do you need more help in?

For example, how well do you have idea of the concepts for the standard and custom objects objective, which is 18% of the exam? If you have taken better knowledge, brush up on all concepts in this area you may not know as well.

  1. Improve Your Knowledge. Hit the Trails:

If you have checked & identified the areas, you need to improve your knowledge in, it’s time to learn and get the concepts.

Review the recommended training in the Salesforce Administrator Syllabus.

You can take classroom or online training from IT Education Centre, Pune. For more help you can visit this Salesforce Training Classes in Pune.

Learn the concepts and practice via Trailhead Platform. It is Salesforce free online learning tool. There are different challenges and questions at the end of each unit to practice the concepts.
Once you will be completed all the modules already, You should go back through some of the modules as refreshers.

  1. Create a Personal Developer Org and Practice Those Concepts

When you got to know, you retain the information better if you’ve done the practice versus truly relying on pure memorization. Then you should to go to Salesforce setup and familiarizing yourself with the configuration screens and the options available.

You will have found some questions in exam that You would’ve been able to answer if you remembered the configuration options, especially for areas you’ve not used.

If you don’t have the Org, create a free developer edition org. Use it to practice the concepts you’ve studied.

Also, practice concepts via the Trailhead challenges.

  1. Familiarize Yourself Mock Exam Questions

Once you will have completed your sufficient study, comfortable with the higher weighted concepts and have some configuration experience under your belt, it’s time to check your knowledge with mock exams.

So you will get a good sense of the type of questions you will be asked and how you can do better in the exam.


  1. Daily Schedule: Take Mock Exams and Study Notes

You have to continue check your notes and give a mock exam every day. Once you continuously score 80% or More (You know the passing score is 65%. You should score higher & more knowing that the questions on the exams will be different. So always be ready to take the exam.

  1. It’s Show Time, Moment of Truth: Exam Day

Here’s how you should handle the Administrator exam.

  • Always read each question slowly. Read it twice if you need to. Review always and check for keywords like EXCEPT, TRUE, FALSE and for multi-select answers, pay attention to the number of correct answer items.
  • You should carefully read each answer slowly, and twice within Salesforce Training in Pune, if you need to. The difference between some of the answers may be very small so if you skim the answer quickly, you may accidentally select the wrong one.
    • If you are confident, choose the correct answer.
    • Read through the other answers continuously.
    • Make sure that it should not be obviously or logically the answer by just guessing.
    • Not sure? Read the remaining possible correct answers carefully and make your best guess between the remaining options.
    • If you are taking too long time on the one question, mark your question as “Review” and come back to it after you’ve completed the 65 questions.
    • Mark that question as “Review” where you are not 100% confident. Continue with rest of the questions.
  • Always remember that 105 minutes time allocation for the exam. The exam time clock will be shown in the upper left hand side corner of the screen as you go through the exam.
  • Once you will have completed all the 65 questions, select Review Exam. After that it will redirect you to a screen to show all 65 questions and answers. Whatever you have marked for review has an asterisk (*) in front of it.
    • Check the total number of questions which is marked for review. Assuming that given answers are incorrect and the ones you thought you answered correctly are accurate, you can guess mate your score. Hopefully, your expected score is well over 65%. You can check that you may have gotten a certain percentage for your “correct” answers incorrect, so factor that into your expected score.
    • (Depending on how much time you have remaining…) You should have reviewed each question you marked for review. Check if the previously selected answer still holds. Most of the time, what you have selected the first time, is what you should go with and is correct. You should review and refrain from changing the answer unless you have a strong compelling rationale to.
    • You can unmark the question for review and recalculate my guesstimated score, if you are more confident in your answer.
  • Once everything is done, you need to come to the conclusion that you’ve done which all you can and looking at those questions marked for review is no longer productive. Once all things done then you can click on the “Submit Exam” button.

Best of luck for your next Salesforce Administrator Exam!

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Author:  Rohit Kumawat

Salesforce Trainer

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