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Career Opportunities

After completing Salesforce course you’ll be able to apply for these job roles.

Salesforce Developer

Salesforce Lightning Professional

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Professional

Salesforce Team lead

Solution Architect

Salesforce Administrator

Salesforce Consultant

Salesforce Technical Architect

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Our certificate courses have become renowned for their excellent curriculum and overall coverage of topics.

Live & Classroom Training (Real-time Instruction)

Combines the best of both traditional and modern learning approaches, offering a comprehensive educational experience.

LIVE Project

Our Live Project based training enables you to code and learn on the go. We are a one-of-a-kind training center to implement such a live training methodology.

Affordable Fees

It is necessary to provide affordable education to students and help them get quality training.

Learn from the Experts

The trainer’s knowledge and experience enable our students to learn precise skills with relative ease.

100% Placement Support

We have a separate Placement department that conducts regular placement drives for our students

Top Companies Hiring for Salesforce Engineers.


Wilco Source Technologies Pvt Ltd


Accenture Solutions Pvt Ltd


Tata Consultancy Services Ltd.




Turnkey Talent Solutions Private Limited


Softenger India Pvt. Ltd


Rialtes Technologies and Solutions LLP

Iteducationcentre in pune


Introduction to Salesforce Course

Choose your Salesforce Training in Pune and join our international Salesforce community. IT Education Centre Provides the best Salesforce Course in Pune. You’ll discover in CRM a broad assortment of training classes designed to assist you to obtain official Salesforce certificates and learn to utilize the tools of the platform. CRM is a partnership involving ISDI and Salesforce to curate a world-class learning experience for individuals and professionals offering official training that will boost your technical and business abilities to boost your employability and competitiveness.

At IT Education Centre –your journey of mastering Salesforce from beginner to a professional Salesforce Engineer will start. After recognizing ourselves as the best Salesforce training institute in Pune, we ensure that we offer you the best Salesforce certification program which is well-researched, well-organized and individually designed as per the Industry Requirements to enable us to offer you the right skills and career path.

Also, the knowledge that is needed for you to survive in this world with full of competition will get easy for you.

Our Field-experienced and qualified trainers have practical experience in Salesforce, ensuring that you acquire both theoretical knowledge and practical skills of Salesforce with Hands-on training and real-life projects.

Why Choose IT Education Centre for Salesforce Training?

We believe in our Best Salesforce classes in Pune and we place our emphasis on your achievement that is why we provide lifelong employment assistance. It also means that we stay once you finish your Salesforce certification program.

we offer assistance in completing your dreams of landing a job successfully.

IT Education Centre helps those students and professionals who have started their careers and those who are existing in their careers but would like to advance to the next level.

Soon you will become a successful Salesforce professional after joining the IT Education Centre and starting your new extraordinary path. You will always remain our focus for success today and in the future.

The formula that has made you what you are today is something that cannot be imitated. By smart work, discipline, and commitment, you have managed to fight off all your adversaries.

IT Education Centre is happy to provide the best Salesforce Classes in Pune. All our courses are designed with specific industry requirements coupled with the real-life industry-required syllabus that you are likely to encounter in your area of work.

After completing course, you'll be master in

Provide customer support and assist projects progress report, analytics appropriately with the Salesforce team.

Work on existing software as well as develop and deploy new codes to boost Business performance.

Track, verify and report to customers to successfully develop solutions to various business issues.

Salesforce Course Overview

Our salesforce course in Pune tries to promote the salesforce concept for the fresh coming executives or organizations who desire to start in salesforce and also the professional level executive who requires the higher level concept in salesforce for the build-up of his or her career.

The structural design of the Salesforce course has been created in the form of modules.

Here are some of the subject areas of the course:

Administration, Development, and The Lightning Experience.

To be specific, in layman’s terms, first of all, it has a magnificent ground as the foundation, and that is a ground of salesforce attempts.

For the same reason, it flies a very basic notion that has the premise of almost all institutions as the strength of the course, and that is rather pathetic.

Another area that should be taken into account when considering the Advanced level is the topics that provide additional and advanced information and concrete practical recommendations and solutions concerning problems that can occur when implementing Salesforce CRM, enabling the learners to solve the potential issues and challenges that may appear in the work process of managers, team leaders, and IT directors.

It is quite clear in the Administration module that you are pretty sure that you could make Salesforce particularly because of unbelievable settings and in the Development module, there is a concentration on how it is possible to develop applications using the SF platform.

The lightning experience module aids in the explanation of the new layout to the user and the extra features added to the layout to improve the general user experience. Hence by satisfying two necessities of hands-on experience and knowledge, it becomes our duty that you should get the maximum information about Salesforce so that we are in a position to produce you for the real-world environment and give you the best of the Salesforce CRM.

Salesforce Training in Pune

Build Your Career with Salesforce Training at IT Education Centre Pune

Have you been pondering about ways to give your career an incredible boost? Or are you on the hunt for that one skill that sets you apart in the competitive job market? Well, if you are a student with a background in BBA, BCA, MCA, or MBA, the universe might just be steering you toward Salesforce training. And what better place to embark on this journey than the IT Education Centre in Pune? Let’s dive deep into why this could be the game-changing decision for your career.

Introduction to Salesforce Classes in Pune at IT Education Centre

Salesforce, the world’s leading Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform, has transformed how businesses connect with their customers. It has become an indispensable tool for companies across sizes and sectors. Consequently, the demand for skilled Salesforce professionals is rising, making now the perfect time to acquire this sought-after skill.

The Unmatched Curriculum and Expert Trainers

The curriculum at the IT Education Centre is designed in such a way that it caters to both amateurs and those with a basic understanding of Salesforce. It covers everything from the fundamentals to the advanced intricacies of the platform.

Holistic Learning Approach

The Salesforce training in Pune’s IT Education Centre goes beyond theoretical knowledge, emphasizing practical, real-world applications. Through hands-on projects and case studies, you’ll understand how Salesforce is applied in actual business scenarios. This approach not only enhances learning but also prepares you to tackle real-world challenges head-on.

Guidance from Industry Experts

What truly sets the Salesforce Classes in Pune’s IT Education Centre apart is its team of trainers. These are not just teachers but industry experts with 10+ years of experience in the Salesforce world. Learning from these experts provides insights into the industry’s best practices and upcoming trends, a privilege that could be your stepping stone to a successful career in Salesforce.

The Variation of Salesforce Courses Offered

Whether you’re aiming to become a Salesforce Administrator, Developer, or Consultant, the IT Education Centre has a course for you. Here’s a glimpse of what you can expect:

Salesforce Administrator Training

  • Become the backbone of Salesforce implementations by learning how to manage, configure, and optimize Salesforce systems to meet business needs.
  • Understand data management, security, and user engagement through practical exercises.

Salesforce Developer Training

  • Delve into the coding and customization side of Salesforce.
  • Learn to build custom applications using Apex and Visualforce, and understand the intricacies of Lightning Component Framework.

This variety lets you choose a path that best aligns with your career aspirations and background.

Why Salesforce Training Is a Smart Choice

Now, why Salesforce of all the skills out there? Here’s why:

  • High Demand, High Pay: As businesses increasingly adopt Salesforce, the demand for skilled professionals skyrockets. This demand translates into lucrative salary packages and job security.
  • Global Opportunities: Salesforce skills are universally in demand. A certification can open doors to opportunities worldwide.
  • Continuous Learning: The Salesforce ecosystem constantly evolves, offering endless learning opportunities and the chance to stay ahead in the technology domain.


Salesforce Classes in Pune

 Gain Complete Course insights of Salesforce Training in Pune at IEC

Salesforce is a comprehensive customer relationship management (CRM) platform that includes tools and solutions for sales, customer service, marketing automation, analytics, and application development. As such, learning Salesforce can involve a broad spectrum of tools and subjects. Below is an outline of a basic syllabus included in the salesforce course in Pune’s IEC for learning Salesforce, focusing on its core functionalities and tools. This syllabus is divided into different sections, ideal for beginners to advanced users.

Basic Understanding & Navigation

  • Introduction to Salesforce
  • Overview of CRM and Salesforce
  • Salesforce Architecture (Clouds, SaaS, PaaS, IaaS)
  • Understanding the Salesforce ecosystem (Trailhead, AppExchange, etc.)

 Salesforce Interface

  • Navigating the Salesforce UI
  • Understanding of Salesforce Objects (Standard and Custom)
  • Record Types and Page Layouts

Salesforce Admin Essentials

  • Data Management
  • Data Model (Objects, Fields, Relationships)
  • Importing & Exporting Data (Data Loader, Import Wizard)
  • Data Security Model (OWD, Role Hierarchy, Sharing Rules, Profiles, Permission Sets)

Automation Tools

  • Workflow Rules
  • Process Builder
  • Approval Processes
  • Introduction to Flow

 Reports and Dashboards

  • Creating Custom Reports
  • Building Dashboards
  • Report Types, Filters, and Groups

Salesforce Developer Fundamentals

  • Apex Programming
  • Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming
  • Apex Syntax and Development Environment
  • Writing Apex Triggers and Classes
  • SOQL and SOSL Queries

Visualforce Pages

  • Basics of Visualforce Markup
  • Visualforce Controllers and Extensions
  • Integrating Apex with Visualforce
  • Lightning Component Framework
  • Introduction to Lightning Components
  • Aura Components and Lightning Web Components (LWC)
  • Building and Deploying LWC

Advanced Topics

Salesforce Integration

  •  REST and SOAP API
  •  External Services
  •  Platform Events and Streaming API

Salesforce DX

  • Source-Driven Development
  • Scratch Orgs and Sandbox Environments
  • CI/CD Pipelines
  • Salesforce Lightning Experience
  • Lightning App Builder
  • Lightning Record Pages
  • Lightning Flows

Specialization Tracks

  • Sales Cloud Consultant
  • Service Cloud Consultant
  • Marketing Cloud Consultant
  • Salesforce Architect

Certification Preparation

  • Administrator
  • Platform Developer I
  • Platform App Builder
  • Various Consultant Certifications

Resources for Learning Salesforce

Trailhead: Salesforce’s free online learning platform offers modules and trails for users of all levels.

Salesforce Help Documentation: Comprehensive guides and documentation on every aspect of Salesforce.

Salesforce Developer Forums and Communities: Great for getting help on specific issues or networking with other Salesforce professionals.

Salesforce Blogs and Webinars: Many Salesforce partners and community members regularly produce helpful content on best practices and updates.

This syllabus provides a structured path for learning Salesforce, from basic navigation to advanced development and integration techniques. Depending on your interest and career goals, you might choose to focus more on administration, development, or specific cloud solutions within Salesforce.

Success Stories That Inspire you to become Salesforce Engineer 

The IT Education Centre takes pride in its alumni now excelling in their Salesforce careers. Many of our students have transitioned from traditional roles in business and IT to become sought-after Salesforce professionals. These success stories serve not just as testimonials but as inspiration for those on the fence about leaping.

Your Path to Becoming a Salesforce Professional

The IT Education Centre in Pune stands out as the beacon for those aspiring to excel in the CRM domain. With its comprehensive curriculum, expert guidance, and focus on practical learning, the institute prepares you for the burgeoning Salesforce market.

Syllabus of Salesforce Course

Below, we have mentioned the syllabus in short that you will learn and master once you join our Salesforce Training in Pune with 100% Placement Assistance.

Module 1: The Job consists of the following

Understanding CRM Concepts: Acquire a rich experience in widespread CRM implementation and its comprehension in particular and in general.

Overview of Salesforce Products and Services: Subsequently, check out the array of solutions available with Salesforce to address various business requirements.

Navigating the Salesforce Environment: It is understood that there may be several working sessions with the software before a person becomes adept at using the interface to achieve maximum productivity.

Module 2: Salesforce Administration

Managing Users, Data, and Security: Learn to process Account Management for users and data Security measures, along with administrations of accepted Security Protocols governing Salesforce.

Customizing Salesforce Objects and Fields: Learn about practical examples of using Salesforce objects and fields to address particular business needs.

Creating and Managing Reports and Dashboards: Learn to build business reports and compelling executive dashboards that help review business performance in a meaningful way.

Module 3: Salesforce Development

Introduction to Apex Programming: You will be formally introduced to Apex, which is the programming language used in customizing Salesforce applications.

Developing Custom Applications Using Visualforce: Know how custom applications can be created using and how to create visual force templates.

Lightning Components and Lightning Web Components: Explore how to create web components for desktop and mobile with reusable, modular, and interactive interfaces with Lightning Web and Lightning Components.

Module 4: SFDC Highly Complex Features

Salesforce Integration and APIs: Learn how to apply integration strategies for Salesforce with other systems based on APIs and middleware.

Process Automation with Flow and Workflow: Make yourself familiar with the Salesforce Flow and the Salesforce Workflow to automate processes that occur in your business.

Advanced Data Management Techniques: Identify advanced tools in use with Salesforce and the best ways to manage the data.

Module 5: Salesforce Lightning Experience

Typically, businesses incorporate elements or features to their Salesforce configuration for specific purposes to make them more receptive and efficient.

Transitioning from Classic to Lightning: An overview of best practices and the rationale for transitioning from the Salesforce Classic version to the updated Lightning Experience.

Customizing the Lightning Interface: Know how to enhance the conspicuous usability of the salesforce in the lightning mode.

Enhancing User Productivity with Lightning Features: Learn how to improve standard processes and presentations with the help of features available in the Lightning environment.

Module 6: Real-World Projects

Hands-on Projects and Case Studies: Participate in practical and mainly use cases on Salesforce for better understanding and utilization.

Real-world Scenarios and Solutions: Engage with practical and relevant issues so that students can advance practical applied solutions to top issues in business.

Capstone Project for Practical Experience: For your final tasks do a capstone project that equips you with actual working experience together with proving your Salesforce competence.

Things you will Master After completing Salesforce Course in Pune

  • Salesforce Fundamentals
  • Introduction to Apex Programming
  • Introduction to MVC
  • Variables, Data types in Apex
  • Operations, Conditional, Switch statements in Apex
  • Loops in Apex
  • OOP Concepts in Apex
  • Setting Up our Salesforce application
  • DML statements
  • Database class methods
  • Triggers in Salesforce
  • Apex Design Patterns
  • Governor Limits in Salesforce
  • Order of Execution
  • Apex Testing
  • VisualForce Pages
  • Controller
  • Visualforce Components
  • Debugging Apex

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BE/ Bsc Candidate


Any Engineers


Any Graduate


Any Post-Graduate


Working Professionals

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Frequently Asked Questions

How will IEC help us in our Placements?

We dedicatedly have a Placement Team that handles all your doubts, and queries regarding Placements. Also, the IT Education Centre provides 100% Placement Assistance on our Salesforce Training in Pune course. 

Is Salesforce course fees affordable for me?

We provide the most affordable course fees in Pune with the Industry standard Syllabus that will help you to gain the necessary skills. 

Does IEC Provides Certification After completing Course?

Yes. IT Education Centre provides Certification of Course Completion that will add value to your resume. 

Does IEC Provide Installation options on Fees Payments?

Yes, We have flexible Fees options that will help you to divide your Fees in small pieces. 

Does Salesforce have Live Projects to enhance Skills?

Yes! We have added Live Projects + Mock Sessions and practise Tests in our Salesforce Classes in Pune Course. 

What are additional activities with the Salesforce Course?

We conduct extra activities like Mock Sessions, Mock-Interview Sessions, Q&A rounds, and many more.

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