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Career Opportunities

After completion of this course you will be able to apply for a job roles.

Career Opportunities

SAP HR Senior Consultant

SAP HR Manager

SAP HR Partner

Most Popular Employer Name for Candidates with a SAP HR Certification




Reynold Infotek










Reliance Industries Limited


Introduction to SAP  Course

A sector that collects and serves business organizations.

Procurement handling and inventory management are handled by the SAP MM (Materials Management) module of the SAP ERP. All supply chain functions are covered by SAP Materials management course in Dhule, including consumption-based planning, planning, vendor evaluation, and invoice verification. Additionally, inventory and warehouse management are included to keep goods under control until consumption determines that the cycle should start anew. MM supports ideas like Electronic Kanban and

Proficiency After Training


Can unite the Information Associated with HR


Track the ROI


Evaluation the productivity of their Human Resources of the organisation


Increased reporting Abilities

SAP MM Training in Dhule

Just-in-Time delivery.

Other modules, like SAP SD, SAP PP, and SAP QM, are connected with materials management. Inventory and procurement are managed using SAP MM. The module contains the two crucial master data types, material and vendor. 



Five significant components make up SAP MM training in Dhule. A project management system, quality management, materials management, plant maintenance, and production planning and control are a few of them. Each is broken down into numerous smaller parts.

The focus of SAP MM class in Dhule (Material management) is managing an organization’s resources, or its materials. These resources consist of people, labour, and materials. The primary features of MM (Material management) include batch management, categorization, valuation and assignment, purchasing, and inventory management. Simply put, the SAP Material Management module of the SAP ERP (Enterprise Resource Management) system controls the entire material supply chain and inventory management procedures for a firm. As the name implies, it’s all about Materials being managed to withstand the business operations.

Essentially, SAP MM course in Dhule is a component of Logistics. 


Submodules for SAP MM

Materials management, procurement process management, vendor and material master master data management, inventory management, material requirements planning, and invoice verification are all functions of SAP MM training in Dhule. Each of these MM submodules has functions that carry out particular business operations for that module. Transactions, the means through which SAP ECC concludes business operations, are used to carry these out. Project management and plant maintenance are two other logistics tasks that MM supports and which need material information.


SAP MM benefits for businesses

Master data, which is kept and modified in centralised master-data tables, is the centre of attention in MM. Materials master, work centres, bills of materials, and routing are examples of master data types. Transactional data in SAP ECC is created using the master data.

For instance, master data from MM about the raw materials required to produce the finished product is used when a production order is created in PP. This production order will then be used to create a sales order in SD.


SAP MM characteristics

A SAP MM course in Dhule system has the following characteristics:

Material management and inventory management are two topics covered by the SAP MM module. In the organization’s supply chain, material management as a process makes sure there are never any gaps or shortages of materials. The procurement and material management processes are expedited by SAP MM classes in Dhule, which ensures that business operations are seamless and cost- and time-effective.

It has to do with controlling how an organisation uses its resources and commodities in order to increase production and cut expenses. While being extremely adaptable, SAP MM can handle the frequent changes that occur in any business setting. The procurement process and vendor and material master data are covered.


SAP MM Procurement process

Every organisation purchases goods or services to meet its operational needs. Procurement is the process of acquiring goods and services from suppliers or dealers. The procurement process should be set up so that the right materials are ordered at the right time in the right amount for the right price.
It is broken into the following sections:

Basic Purchasing

Special Purchasing

Basic Purchasing

The process of procuring items or services in the proper quantity, at the proper cost, and at the proper time is known as basic procurement. The appropriate balance between quantity, price, and time must be kept, though. Due to the costs associated with having a lot of inventory, businesses strive to maintain low inventory levels.

SAP MM Course in Dhule

Master Data SAP MM

Transactional data and Master data are the two types of data that SAP R/3 stores.

In SAP materials management, master data serves as the foundational information for all transactions. Whatever your activity, maintaining specific master data is necessary for production, stock transfers, sales, purchases, and physical inventories.

instance of Expert Data

data on the materials

Client master data

Supplier master data

Pricing/conditions a master data

master data for warehouse management (storage bin master data) .


SAP MM’s advantages

The effectiveness of an organisation depends on its capacity to respond to market demands as quickly as feasible in light of shifting client needs and expectations. The company must maintain the appropriate stock at the appropriate moment in order to guarantee a smooth delivery of goods. The effectiveness of the supply chain is increased by having an effective material management strategy that helps eliminate supply gaps, inventory shortages, and shortages of raw materials. By automating material management and procurement tasks, SAP MM training in Dhule improves the efficiency of the entire process. Some of SAP MM’s major advantages are listed below:

makes inventory administration more effective overall

inventory loss is minimised and eliminated

lowers material waste by avoiding stocking up on unneeded or out-of-date products, which cuts down on the time and labour required to maintain inventory.


Potential career paths for SAP MM certification

One of the top professional credentials in the IT business is the SAP MM certification. A highly-paid position in the ERP business is simple to obtain if you have a SAP MM certification. You have access to several job routes with SAP MM certification, including:

The following terms are used in this sentence: SAP MM consultant 

SAP MM associate 

SAP team lead SAP 

functional analyst in materials management 

plant maintenance analyst 

supply chain specialist 

logistics manager 

procurement executive 

material manager project manager 


SAP MM Consultants’ Pay

An SAP consultant makes an average base income of 71,222 per month. The pay for SAP consultants varies depending on their expertise and skill set, and they are in high demand across all industries. Comparing similar candidates in tier-II cities and towns to consultants in metro areas, the salary gap is wider. An SAP consultant in Bengaluru makes an average monthly base pay of 76,466, whereas a SAP consultant in Pune makes an average monthly salary of 63,134. The pay rises in line with the candidate’s expertise and advancement into more important positions. As an illustration, the base wage for a SAP lead is typically $1,07,068 per month.

Well paid career can be built using the SAP MM option.


Concessions of the SAP MM Module

It lowers operational expenses.

It reduces inventory losses by getting rid of surplus or outdated goods.

A more efficient and effective process results from automated material management and procurement processes.


Probabilities of SAP MM Salary and Growth

High remuneration packages are available to SAP MM Trainee Consultants or SAP MM Associates who possess the necessary abilities. It is the industry leader in logistics and includes modules for sales and distribution as well as production planning and warehouse management. You can upgrade to SAP MM/WM or EWM for continued professional development. Global demand exists for SAP MM consultants. That being said, a strong effort and commitment are needed to reach the current standards.  



The future of SAP MM is pretty bright. Demand For SAP MM In India. At its current condition and rate of growth, SAP technology will be available for at least the next thirty years. The functional modules, such as mm, SD, etc., are in high demand among the numerous modules. Since material is one of the fundamental demands of the majority of SAP-using firms, the MM module is utilised in the majority of SAP projects. You can increase your market worth by learning a variety of technical or functional modules, such as SAP ABAP, Basis, or sd, for example. The highest paid techno functional consultants work for SAP. Therefore, SAP mm has a very good future.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How About the Placement Assistance?

All the Courses Are Merged With Placement Assistance

What are the prices for various SAP training programs, in addition to any discounts offered?

We take payment through cash, credit/debit card, or UPI transactions for all programs, and there are special rates for one-time purchases and bulk admission requirements for tuition on all SAP modules.


How can I contact IT Education Centre about signing up for the SAP MM Class?

You can contact us by phone or via email at our business address. You may also enroll by going directly to any of the SAP MM Training facilities, they have numerous locations around Satara.


Who should enroll in the various SAP courses IT Education Centre Institute offers?

Many various companies, from commerce to IT, employ SAP products. The numerous SAP classes are therefore open to enrollment by anybody with a passion for business administration, BI technologies, or general company growth.

How long would learning SAP MM take?

SAP MM is a fairly broad topic. At least 30 to 40 hours must be spent on education. The training aims to make this process as simple as possible.

I Am Worried About Fees Installment Option If Any?

Don’t Worry! We Do Have Flexible Fees Installment Option

For whom is SAP MM appropriate?

Any professional with a foundational degree from an accredited university, such as a BA, BBA, BSc, MBA, engineering, or MTech, may enrol in this course. Basic computer skills would be helpful.

Will I get hands-on training and in-depth SAP MM guidance?

The hands-on approach of our instructional content will be advantageous to students enrolled in this SAP MM program in Satara. Every curriculum is supplemented by rigorous practice and qualifying that mirror the challenges and needs of the market and challenge the students’ effort and attention. Students will have every chance to obtain real-world experience thanks to this.

How does SAP MM work?

Primary duty and obligations:

Make sure the creation of solutions is in line with the client’s functional requirements. Configure the modules in accordance with the clients’ business requirements. During the deployment phases, give support and crucial technical and functional help.

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