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Software Testing Training in Solapur

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Software Development

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Career Opportunities

After completion of this course you will be able to apply for a job roles.

Software Tester

Test Analyst

Software Test Lead

Senior Test Analyst (Computer Software)

Senior Test Engineer

Software Quality Assurance (SQA) Manager

Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer

Code Tester

Most Popular Employer Name for Employees with a Certified S/w Testing Certification


Tata Consultancy Services


HCL Technologies Ltd.


Accenture Technology Solutions


InfoSys Limited


Indium Software (India) Limited




IBM Global Services


Tcs Eserve


Introduction to Software Testing Course

Software testing is a procedure to assess and confirm the application’s functionality in accordance with user requirements. Software testing course’s primary goal is to help you find issues and notify the development team so they may be fixed. Various testing methods are employed depending on the demands of the user and the application. Software testing methodologies include the SDLC, Agile, Spiral model, and many others. Software testing modes come in two different varieties: manual testing and automated testing.

Proficiency After Training


Testing stability and reliability of the program.


Software testing training makes sure that the machine is bug-free that may result in any sort of failure.


Software testing makes sure that the item is totally pleased with the needs of the customer.


Creating Manual Testing Plans


Automation Testing Setup and Plans


Making sure that final product is user friendly.

Software Testing Course in Solapur

Software Testing Advantages

The advantages of software testing are listed below:

  • Customer Contentment

Customer happiness is the only objective for the success and popularity of an application. Delivering the best features and experiences to consumers is the primary goal of every service-based firm.

By guaranteeing a defect-free application, software testing aids in increasing the customer’s trust and happiness.

Customer satisfaction is increased with UI testing. Software testing aims to find every potential flaw and test a programme in accordance with client needs.

For instance, eCommerce depends on customers, and happy customers increase the company’s market worth and profits.

  • Cost Effective

If an application runs flawlessly and requires little upkeep, the owner will save a lot of money.

Software testing aids in the early detection of flaws and their correction to create a more effective and high-quality return application.

Every application needs upkeep, and the owner of the programme invests a significant sum to keep it running and useful.

The maintenance area reduces too many folds and so saves money by testing an application.

Instead of finding flaws after the software has been fully developed, the software testing course assists in saving money for the developing company by identifying defects in the early phases of the software, making it simple and affordable for the developer to rethink the module.

  • High-quality Good

Software testing’s primary goal is to satisfy its customers by providing them with a high-quality product. Only when a product is bug-free and meets all user needs can its quality be maintained.

If an application integrates with other relevant programmes, it must pass compatibility testing in order to meet the product’s specifications.

The goal of software testing is to provide a high-quality final result, and the testing team makes every effort to validate applications that are free of flaws by creating test cases and test scenarios.

  • Small Failure

An application’s performance and brand value are impacted by failure. Software testing aids in identifying the circumstances in which a given application is most likely to malfunction.

For instance, when there is a lot of traffic and load, an eCommerce application is more likely to fail.

This kind of application is put through stress testing to determine its maximum load-bearing capacity.

A more reliable and robust application results from software testing.

  • Free of Bugs Application

Software testing’s primary responsibility is to find defects and report them to the appropriate development team for correction. Testers recheck a bug after it has been fixed to determine its status.

An application that functions efficiently and without bugs has no hiccups, flaws, or errors. The only criterion for an application is that it adheres to specifications and does not act abnormally as a result of flaws.

Although it is almost impossible to create an application that is 100% bug-free, the testing team makes an effort to find as many flaws as they can using test scenarios. To find a bug, software testing uses the STLC process.

  • Security

Security is the fundamental issue in the digital age. Customers’ top priorities are always a secure system. Owners spend a lot of money to protect their systems from hackers, malicious attacks, and other types of theft. An application’s security level is determined using a security testing technique, and testers look for vulnerabilities to compromise an application’s security.

Security is the first priority when it comes to bank applications because they handle consumer money and are constantly on the lookout for thefts.

The development team strives to cover the application with numerous security layers while the testing team performs security testing to find flaws.

Software testing is therefore essential to preserving an application’s

Software Testing Classes in Solapur

  • Simple Recovery

Recovery describes the process by which an application restarts more quickly after failing. When an application recovers fast and carries out its regular operations, it is successful.

Software testing aids in determining an application’s rate of recovery and the total amount of time it takes to recover.

When an application is being tested, testers look for scenarios where it is most likely to fail and measure how long it takes for it to recover.

Testers provide feedback to the development team, and developers alter the internal coding to speed up application recovery.

  • Increase Developmental Speed

Only when an application’s development is quick can it be supplied early. By identifying flaws and informing the development team, software testing helps the team produce software more quickly. Early on in the system’s development, the found flaw can be quickly repaired without affecting the operation of other capabilities.

To help the development team identify where an issue is, software testing collaborates with them in parallel.

The development process for an application is improved by finding defects and repairing them concurrently with system development since the development team does not have to wait for bug discovery and correction.

Developers must design and test the functioning of all linked modules if a module has a defect that impacts the functionality of other related modules.

  • Early Detection of Defects

Defect detection is the main goal of software testing. Early defect discovery is made simple and the development team is assisted in fixing them if the software testing team, also known as the quality assurance team, works concurrently from the start of the software development. If testing begins after the software has been fully developed, the developer will need to rethink all interconnected modules in order to address any module-specific flaws.


  1. Trustworthy product

Only when a product meets user expectations and can win over customers can it be considered trustworthy.

Through the use of performance testing, security testing, and other testing methods, software testing improves the reliability of an application.

Software testing course by IT Educational Centre in Solapur helps you verify that an application performs in accordance with client requirements and seeks to identify as many flaws as is practical through either exhaustive or thorough testing.


Advantages of Software Testing

These are the three main objectives of software testing course training in Solapur by IT Educational Centre :


Find errors or problems in the software at all times while it is being developed (earlier, the better).

Flaw Prevention: Help predict and prevent defects from happening at later phases of development or from recurring in the future as a result of defect identification.

User Satisfaction: Assure clients / users that their stated or implicit needs are addressed.


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Duration: 4.5 Months

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Training Type: Classroom

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Days: Monday to Friday

Practical & Labs: Regular

Personal Grooming: Flexible Time



Rajesh Gandhi

Extremely important parts of Software testing and automated testing were reliably covered in this course. I can say that I have learned everything that is there in Software testing through this course.

Sujit Khanna

The Software testing course in Akola is surely one of its kind in the entire town. I am glad to have learned from these people as they are very easy to understand. 

Deepa Waghere

Highly recommended IT Training Center for Software Testing Classes in Akola. They have a very reliable and practical training approach which helps in better skills and knowledge for students.


Frequently Asked Questions

Could you please explain the three stages of testing?

This needs to be known by everyone: Unit/component testing, integration testing, system testing, and acceptance testing are the four common tiers of testing.

Who should enroll in this software testing course in Akola?

For beginners searching for work in the testing process, test automation engineers, manual analysts, and testing supervisors, this training on software testing can be helpful.

What should I study to test software?

You must first become familiar with the tenets and varieties of software testing. The best course of action would then be to learn Selenium, which would familiarise you with creating, executing, and testing scripts in languages such as Java, Python, Ruby, etc. Last but not least, JMeter enables functional testing of web applications.

What are the main justifications for selecting the Akola IT Training Center?

Our approach is based on participatory live sessions with subject-matter specialists. We offer in-depth seminars and workshops that combine project-based education with practical application. Every learner registered at the IT Training Center is encouraged to collaborate and cooperate by means of our digital student portal.


Is testing software difficult?

Effective software testing is a challenging task. It’s difficult to test software to a high standard. This is because a wide range of knowledge fields are affected in some way, and a wide range of necessary skills are also required.

What duties will you have after you become a software tester?

Employees who become software testers must exercise creativity in their positions as bug finders and problem solvers. To achieve effective software product creation and deployment, users will be required to participate in the project initiatives.

Does software testing involve coding?

It is never a bad idea to learn something new, even though testers are not required to write code as well as developers do. Manual testers typically don’t need to understand or be proficient in coding.

What is the operation of the project-based software testing class?

Students get the chance to use their abilities and knowledge from the Software Testing curriculum to construct high-performing, industry-standard apps thanks to this project-based learning approach.


What may one anticipate after finishing the Akola-based software testing curriculum?

We will put you in touch with people in the industry for professional advancement and guidance after you receive your Software Testing certification from IT Training Center. In accordance with your interests and objectives, we will also suggest the most suitable career path.

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