He who saves time and invests it wisely shall be unbeatable…

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Interpret what suits you. I personally believe that one should not shy away from creating his/her own interpretation about any particular thing. The stereotypical definitions could be a bummer at times and therefore one should always engage into making it a point of self-interpretation and understanding.


Actual conceptual definition- The conceptual definition talks about the fact that, when you are engaged in making the right schedules, to do lists and any such arrangement which is wise and saves the available time with you, that is time management. Basically, when you invest your time in a much more effective and efficient way, in order to manage it properly, that is what you call time management.


Why is it important?

You might have heard about a very wise saying that says, “Time and tide wait for none”. This is simply to tell you that time is very precious and what would be more precious is the productive use of it. Everyone gets 24 hours to spend in a day, how you use it effectively, creates a difference. Efficient time management is very necessary in order to avoid deviations and distractions that might cause a stir in one’s life. At the same time, effective time management will always help you set your goals straight and work better towards them. 

Benefits of Time Management-

There are numerous benefits of time management such as greater productivity, reduced wastage, clearer approach, elimination of unnecessary tasks, prioritized schedule and the list goes on and one with one’s own interpretation. Always remember to follow whatever suits you and would benefit you the most since that would be a deciding factor with respect to your approach towards managing your time.

How to do it the right way?

Managing your time might look very complicated but is no rocket science. In fact it is simpler and productive. You just have to look for your priorities and set them straight.

Make a schedule for everyday that can keep you motivated throughout the day to work better and stay focused. To achieve anything in life, even if it is as little as that of spending time to make a schedule, discipline is the most important factor and therefore you should always engage in committing yourself towards a disciplined lifestyle.

Keep it simple, complications lead to dissatisfaction-

The basic mantra that one can follow in life in order to deal with any situation is to keep it simple. When I say that we should keep things simple, I mean to say, we must focus on such objectives that can help us keep track of what we do and something that is not strenuous on our mind and schedule. Keeping things complicated will simply lead to demotivation after a point which is not very healthy when it comes to investing your time, you shall end up being less productive and eventually lose the enthusiasm to work ahead. Therefore, keep things simple by including simple activities of time management such as that of scheduling your day and choosing your priorities over anything else.

Take enough breaks to avoid a monotonous lifestyle-

It is also very important to understand the fact that you must take breaks from all the scheduling activities you do in order to invest your time better, invest into giving time to yourself. Take breaks to relax your mind and body. Ultimately, if you are healthy, only then will you be able to think and plan better. Continuous schedules and a hectic one may lead to a monotonous routine which might not be very fruitful or healthy in the long run therefore it is important to break that web of monotonous paths and invest your time into yourself so that you beat all the stress with great energy. 

To sum it all-

To sum it all up, it is very important to understand that there are various technical, and psychological theories associated with time management and one should always believe in the interpretation that he/she deems fit. Personally, I believe that time management is a skill that requires a lot of time and effort into making successful management so it should be effective in the end. Also, it should be taken into notice that you must do what suits you the best so that you are stuck to that path and you are motivated and disciplined enough to follow the same.

You must engage in a time frame that keeps you healthy, productive, and most importantly, happy!!

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