• Words are an unrealized weapon, the use of which is a crucial part of PD-

Words that you utter might cause an impact deeper than a wound caused by a weapon. Must be wondering, why am I saying so? Simply because what we say, whether positive or negative, deeply impacts our mind and our heart. The mind still could play games to conceal it but the heart chooses not to. 


  • Let’s explore more about it-

I will give you a simple example through which you can relate it all. Suppose that you have been given a gift, as luxurious as you wanted and at the same time there is a letter alongside it, expressing how special you are! I can already feel you smiling brightly! Now, why did it bring that level of happiness to you? For all obvious reasons, your smile and that glint in the eye was slightly more inclined towards the letter than the gift! Why? Well, that is because those words were more precious to you than the gift.


  • Words add value to not just life but memories, just like PD sessions at IEC-

Words whether said positivity said or negatively said, they would find the same place in the lane of memories. It is a strange fact that you might not remember a person by his/her face but rather through his/her words told to you whether in the positive context or in the negative. This is actually a psychology that goes behind it, why? Simply because words echo in your mind. It tends to perceive it that way.


  • How can Personality development help?

One of the main reasons why one must learn personality development is that it teaches you the art of diplomacy. Learning words is just not enough, the implementation of it is rather important. Once we get comfortable with the right use of words, trust me we can actually rule the world. Soft skills acquaint you with the power to use your speech correctly and create a mark of your own while talking or delivering anything. It not only impacts your life but your personality too.


  • The way through which it will help-

Personality development teaches you “the art of diplomacy” which helps you fight all odds gracefully without hurting anyone. Diplomacy is all about expressing yourself with ease, using such words through which your thoughts get conveyed but without hurting anyone.

It is the best way to express controversial opinions with ease and grace. 

This becomes an effective method of communication in the daily course of life. Once you get this art right, there is nothing that can stop you from growing further ahead.


  • Expressing vulnerability is not always the right thing to do-

The world is too good to be a space for sharing whatever you feel. People will always take advantage of your vulnerability and hence one should always keep his personal life much separated from the world. Personality Development teaches you as to how you can express your emotions accurately so that you know how to deal with the world.


  • Real life experiences-

Although I believe that everyone out there has their own perspectives and that is how the world works and we must respect that, I also believe that the fair share of experience that everyone has gone through in their life is something worth listening to. PD discusses such real time life experiences everyday so that we learn the way of respecting opinions. For example, I owe my personality to my mother, she taught me everything I know today, this is something that I will share in detail so that we can have a word about what everyone thinks of it.


Lastly, I would say, Personality Development is individualistic in nature, once you know the art, you will ace it. 


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Author: Yuthika Sharma

Soft Skill Trainer

IT Education Centre Placement & Training Institute

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