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UI/UX Design Course in Pune

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Software Development

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Career Opportunities

After completion of this course, you will be able to apply for these Jobs.

UI/UX Designer

Usability Analyst

Interaction Designer

Product Designer

Visual Designer

UX/UI Consultant

UX Writer/Content Strategist

User Researcher

What IEC Offers you?


Our certificate courses have become renowned for their excellent curriculum and overall coverage of topics.

Live & Classroom Training (Real-time Instruction)

Combines the best of both traditional and modern learning approaches, offering a comprehensive educational experience.

LIVE Project

Our Live Project based training enables you to code and learn on the go. We are a one-of-a-kind training center to implement such a live training methodology.

Affordable Fees

It is necessary to provide affordable education to students and help them get quality training.

Learn from the Experts

The trainer’s knowledge and experience enable our students to learn precise skills with relative ease.

100% Placement Support

We have a separate Placement department that conducts regular placement drives for our students

Most Popular Employer Name for Employees with a Certified UI/UX Certification


LollyPop Design Studio


Yuj Design


F1 studios




Netbrahma studios


Onething design




eFlair webtech

Iteducationcentre in pune


Introduction to UI/UX Design Course in Pune

UI and UX stand for User Interface and User Experience design, respectively, and they are the most basic yet important fundamentals of any well-functioning website or digital product. Without a thoughtful and strategic UI/UX design course in Pune, even the most powerful software or innovative technology can become virtually useless. At IT Education Centre Pune (IEC), we take UI/UX principles seriously and teach you how to master them to create dynamic interfaces and immersive user experiences.

Proficiency After Training


Understanding UI/UX Principles


Learn how to create wireframes, prototypes, and visual designs using these tools.


Gain knowledge of interaction design principles and techniques.


Learn how to conduct user research, including interviews, surveys, and usability testing.


Develop skills in typography, color theory, and layout design.


Master the art of prototyping designs to validate concepts and gather feedback.


Responsive Web Design

UI/UX Design Classes in Pune

Definition of Graphic Design

Before diving into the specifics of UI/UX, let’s bring graphic design under the limelight. At the core, graphic design is all about communicating visually. It leverages elements like typography, color, and imagery to convey messages and concepts in an attractive and compelling manner. An excellent graphic design provides the foundation on which UI and UX are built.

What is UI?

UI i.e. user interface focuses specifically on all the elements that a user interacts with on a screen. Be it – a website layout, an app interface, or a control panel, the UI must be spontaneous, should work fluently, and be aesthetically appealing. UI should be provocative in a way that it visually guides the users through a product or a service’s overview using interactive and attractive elements. A product or a service’s conversion rate strongly depends upon UI as it sets the audience’s overall experience.

What is UX?

UX which is User Experience on the other hand refers to how the user feels while interacting with a product. It involves understanding the users’ behaviour, creating user personas, and designing fully optimal experiences accordingly. It goes beyond aesthetics, focusing more on functionality, ease of use, and satisfaction to guarantee a flawless interaction. 

How it helps your website (Service/Product)

A top-notch UI/UX design makes your website or digital product enjoyable and easy to use. It keeps users engaged, influences their perceptions, and makes them more likely to return. With a well-executed UI/UX design, your product or service becomes more user-friendly, leading to better user satisfaction, loyalty, and, ultimately, higher conversion rates.

UI/UX design Course in Pune – IT Education Centre

IEC offers a comprehensive UI/UX Design Course in Pune that equips you with in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience. Not only do you learn the latest design tools and methodologies but also the best practices in the industry to create compelling digital experiences.

 UI/UX Tools You Will Cover- IEC UI/UX Design Course in Pune

UI/UX design Classes in Pune’s IT Education Centre offer a wide range of specialized UI/UX tools. These are some of the robust tools you’ll become an expert on:

1. Sketch

  • Sketch is a powerful vector-based design tool widely used in the UI/UX industry.
  • With its intuitive interface and extensive features, Sketch allows designers to create stunning mockups, wireframes, and prototypes.
  • Its collaborative capabilities enable seamless teamwork and effective communication among designers and stakeholders.

2. Adobe XD

  • Adobe XD is a popular choice among UI/UX designers, providing a comprehensive set of tools for designing and prototyping.
  • Its easy-to-use interface, combined with its integration with other Adobe Creative Cloud applications, makes it a versatile option for designers.
  • Adobe XD’s rapid prototyping feature allows designers to quickly create interactive prototypes for user testing and feedback.

3. InVision Studio

  • InVision Studio is a robust design and prototyping tool that empowers designers to create engaging user experiences.
  • Its powerful animation capabilities enable designers to create dynamic and interactive prototypes.
  • InVision Studio’s collaboration features to streamline the design process, allowing for seamless feedback and iteration.

4. Figma

  • Figma is a popular cloud-based design tool known for its real-time collaboration features.
  • With Figma, multiple designers can work simultaneously on a project, making it ideal for remote teams.
  • Its powerful design and prototyping capabilities make it a versatile and efficient tool for UI/UX designers.

5. Adobe Photoshop

  • Adobe Photoshop has long been a staple in the design industry, offering a wide range of tools and features.
  • While primarily known for its image editing capabilities, Photoshop can also be used for UI/UX design.
  • Designers can leverage Photoshop’s robust features to create visually stunning and high-fidelity designs.

6. Axure RP

  • Axure RP is a popular prototyping tool that allows designers to create interactive and dynamic prototypes.
  • Its drag-and-drop interface, combined with its extensive widget library, makes it easy to create prototypes without coding.
  • Axure RP’s advanced prototyping capabilities enable designers to simulate complex user interactions and test usability.

7. Marvel App

  • Marvel App is a user-friendly prototyping tool that simplifies the process of creating interactive designs.
  • Its intuitive interface and drag-and-drop functionality make it accessible to designers of all skill levels.
  • Marvel App’s seamless integration with other design tools and collaboration features make it a popular choice among UI/UX designers.

8. Principle

  • Principle is a Mac-only design tool that focuses on creating stunning animations and transitions.
  • With its timeline-based interface, designers can create complex and realistic animations without writing code.
  • Principle’s intuitive interface and powerful animation capabilities make it a valuable tool in the UI/UX design process.

9. Protopie

  • Protopie is a prototyping tool that enables designers to create advanced and interactive prototypes.
  • Its code-free interface allows designers to create complex interactions and animations with ease.
  • With Protopie, designers can bring their designs to life and test user interactions in a realistic environment.

10. Zeplin

  • Zeplin serves as a collaborative tool for design handoff, facilitating communication between designers and developers. It simplifies the sharing of design specifications, assets, and style guides, fostering a smooth workflow and precise handoff tools that contribute to effective collaboration between the two parties.

11. Balsamiq

  • Balsamiq is a rapid wireframing tool that enables designers to quickly visualize and iterate on their design ideas.
  • Its simplified interface and pre-built UI elements make it easy for designers to create low-fidelity wireframes.
  • Balsamiq’s focus on rapid prototyping and iteration makes it an essential tool in any UI/UX designer’s toolkit.

12. Miro

  • Miro is a collaborative online whiteboard platform that promotes remote teamwork and ideation.
  • It offers a range of collaborative features, including sticky notes, wireframing tools, and real-time collaboration.
  • Miro’s versatile interface and collaborative capabilities make it an excellent tool for brainstorming, organizing ideas, and gathering feedback.

These are 12 tools our UI/UX design course in Pune has to offer you and help you become the best designer in the industry.

Advantages of the UI/UX Design Course in Pune

This course is more than just learning a set of tools. It equips you with skills and expertise that will steer your career towards innovative horizons.

  • In-Demand Skills: UI/UX design is a highly sought-after skill in today’s market. Prove your caliber with a certified UI/UX design course in Pune, IT Education Centre.
  • Career Advancements: As a qualified UI/UX designer, you can look forward to exciting roles in professional sectors such as tech startups, digital agencies, and e-commerce companies.
  • Creativity Booster: Dive into a world filled with creative opportunities. Experiment with design strategies and stir up your innovative spirit.

UI/UX Design Training in Pune

Job Opportunities after the UI/UX Design course in Pune

As a UI/UX designer, you wear many hats. You could be a UX researcher, digging deep into user behavior and preferences. Or, you could be a UI designer, focusing on creating visually compelling interfaces. Moreover, there are roles as UX writers, Information architects, and UX strategists. With the increasing demand for digital products across industries, the opportunities in the UI/UX landscape are bountiful.

Get Placed in Top Advertising Agencies

What’s more? IEC ensures an enriching end to your learning journey. Our students have successfully secured jobs at top advertising agencies, tech companies, and design firms after the UI/UX course completion in Pune. Our dedicated Placement team assists students in every step of the recruitment process, right from resume building to interview preparation.

Why choose IEC’s UI/UX design course in Pune?

Our Industry Experienced Trainers

Our UI/UX design course in Pune is led by experienced UI/UX designers who have accumulated years of industry experience. They facilitate practical learning and provide real-world advice to help you transition seamlessly into a professional setting.

Our Dedicated Placement Team

Beyond developing crucial UI/UX skills, our Placement team works tirelessly to ensure that every student secures a tangible outcome upon UI/UX design course completion in Pune. Our placement team guides you throughout your job search process, providing valuable insights into industry trends and expectations.


At IT Education Centre Pune, we are committed to offering a well-rounded UI/UX design Training in Pune that stands out for its practicality, relevance, and placement assistance. Are you ready to make the shift into the exciting world of UI/UX design? Embark on your learning journey with the IT Education Centre. We are excited to guide you every step of the way.

Enroll today and take the first step towards a rewarding career in UI/UX Design Training in Pune. Your journey to success begins here!


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Session: 2.5 Hrs per day

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Certification: Yes

Days: Saturday & Sunday

Practical & Labs: As Per Course

Personal Grooming: Flexible Time


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Frequently Asked Questions

How About the Placement Assistance?

All the Courses Are Merged With Placement Assistance

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We Are Committed For Lowest Course Fees in the Market

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Yes! We do provide Certification straight after completion of the Course

What prerequisites are there for this UI/UX Design Training in Pune?

There are no more educational requirements for this ull Stack Dot NET Classes in Pune other than logical thinking. Programming knowledge will be provided to use suitable data types, clusters, threads, and loops, and implement a project that produces correct results.

How can I make up for UI/UX Design Training in Pune?

Don’t worry, any missed Java training courses may be made up with the aid of recorded recordings of previous Java classes that we periodically release on our website.

I Am Worried About Fees Installment Option If Any?

Don’t Worry! We Do Have Flexible Fees Installment Option

Do We Get Practical Session For This Course?

Yes! This Course Comes With Live Practical Sessions And Labs

Is the Course Comes With Global Certification?

Sure! Most of our Course Comes with Global Certification for which you have to give Exam at the End of the Course

Is my UI/UX Course tuition refundable at any time?

No, we provide demo classes before registration to avoid misunderstanding. We additionally make every effort to ensure that you have no problems till the completion of our course.

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We offer the best Java training from expert staff, we also have an affordable fee structure and enable students to learn from basics to advanced levels. So because of these features, we believe you should join the IT Education Centre in Pune for aFull Stack Java Course.

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