Interview Preparation

We made you ready for your dream job by conducting live mock interviews and bring you confidence to crack the interview in the first attempt.

Lowest Course Fees

We challenge for the lowest course fees guarantee for each and every course as compare to others in the educational training market all the time.

In-House Company

SevenMnetor has In-house USA based company to let candidates experiance real time work and so the student will get direct benefits of on-going USA projects.

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Job Oriented Career Courses

Sevenmentor- A Step Ahead In Education, Offering You A Vast Categories Of Fully Customized Job Based Training Programs, Where One Can Choose And Start With Career Path In Streams Like Networking, Software Development,  Human Resource Management, Autocad, Cloud Computing And So Many More. The Pattern To Teach Any Course Is Totally Depend Upon The Trends And Technologies So That Job Seeker Matches The Market Needs After Completing The Training Course From Sevenmentor.

Why SevenMentor?

SevenMentor is the only first institute in the Pune providing excellent training covering all the trending market technologies with group of 8+ year’s experienced trainer from working Corporate.



Sevenmentor Provides A Global and Business Certification after Successfully Completion of the Course, That Certification Will Be Valid For National and International Jobs

100% Job Guarantee

SevenMentor offers a range of 100% job guarantee program for all the career field i.e. Networking, Software Development, Cloud Computing and others. Join our job promising courses and make a successful career from day One.

Interview Preparation

SevenMentor has customized training pattern where each and individual has gone through live interview preparation and mock interview with personal grooming classes, to make sure you crack the interview inthe very first attempt.

Accommodation and Stay

We have tie-ups with hotels, and guest houses to help you get accommodation, hence it’s now easy to come from other state or cities and achive your goals with SevenMentor’s promise- home facilities. Ask for Home-to-Home.

Installment Option

We understand the GAP between student finacial conditions and the importance of education for better career, hence we have facility to pay fees on easy installments

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What is a Visualforce Page Controller

What is a Visualforce Page Controller

A Visualforce Page Controller in Salesforce is a key component in the Visualforce framework, which is used to create custom user interfaces. Visualforce is a markup language that enables developers to build sophisticated, dynamic web pages that are fully integrated with the Salesforce platform. Here’s a detailed look at what a Visualforce Page Controller is and its role in this framework:

Spring Stereotype Annotations

Spring Stereotype Annotations

Stereotype Annotations help us to get the roles of types or methods at conceptual level. Stereotype annotations are @Component, @Service,...

Abstract Factory Design Pattern

Abstract Factory Design Pattern

The Abstract Factory design pattern in Java is a creational pattern that provides an interface for creating families of related or dependent objects...