WAY THROUGH WORDS-A Journey less explored…

I believe that, A strong personality with an incomparable word power can rule the world.

Soft skills are not just mere skills-
By the term “soft skills”, you might not be able to judge the exact meaning of it but one thing that will definitely strike you instinctively is that it is some sort of a skill. It definitely is a skill and not just a skill, it is beyond what we call an overall personality development. In the era of technology, it is way easy to determine the meaning of any word but why do we always have to follow the stereotypical definition when we can have our own perspective towards things and this perspective building is a part of the process of learning soft skills.

Bursting the Myths-
It rightfully is a myth in my opinion that soft skills carry no importance against technical skills or strengths. However, this particular myth gives birth to a logical question that asks, if you are technically very sound with rich enough knowledge to land up a good job, but if you are unaware about how you should express that knowledge using the right words and accurate diplomacy then can you expect any fruitful outcome out of it? In my opinion, NO!
● The belief that follows-
There is a strange belief that surprises me often, that it is not ego satisfactory to accept that we lack something with respect to skills. People often are used to the acceptance of not knowing a particular skill rather than choosing to learn. People find it easy to give in to their own attitude rather than accepting their shortcomings. I personally believe that one must first embrace weakness in order to gain strength.

Common questions asked by the brain-
Whenever you try to do something new, your brain being the calculative one always asks numerous questions such as, “why should I do this?”, “what benefit would I derive from this?” “Is it even worth the money?”, “It carries no importance against technical skills?”. Well, these are some of the commonly asked questions by your brain to you but the answer to all these remains much shorter than the questions itself, “give it a shot and you will realise”. Any sort of skill upgradation seldom goes in vain, it rather adds up a certain monetary appreciation in one’s profile.
Imagine, you are technically sound and you know how to express it, wouldn’t that be a great and a rather deadly combination? I guess, the answer isn’t vague anymore!

An approach that can change life-
Learning Soft Skills is a process that builds, enhances, contributes to the overall development of an individual’s personality. Right from what you should wear till how you should communicate, every little aspect is covered. Trust me when I say this, this is just not limited to any syllabus but it goes beyond it and there are unexplored facts which shall pleasantly surprise you!
For eg-Have you ever wondered why we study tenses? Why do we learn parts of speech? Or why knowing the ideal format of email writing is important? The difference between American and British English?
Duh! We don’t have that much time to ponder over such thoughts. But the answers to these questions are unexplored facts!

● Perfect Guide-IEC:
If you are willing to find answers to every “WHY?’ that you have in my mind, we at IEC have got you covered. We provide you with a comprehensive structure for learning and the rest we shall leave at our training to speak for itself! If you are looking for a guide, we are always there for you!
In the end, I will just say that, Exploration with respect to anything will always bless you with an experience of a lifetime!


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Yuthika Sharma

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