Spoken English- Yes! You Can Do It

English is a language that empowers you to walk hand in hand with the generation it dominates…

English is just a language and no rocket science-

A lot of people have this strange misconception that English as a language is too difficult to speak, to understand, or to just have an idea about it but to be brutally honest to all, it is not that difficult. It is not rocket science! It is just as we speak our other base languages. It carries significant importance though but still could be understood, spoken, and even taught easily.

Why do you need to know English?

Learn how to speak English Well, here is an argument or rather an opinion that I often hear about and that is, when we already have so many languages in our culture, why do we have to incorporate another language into it? Well, the answer is that it is a language most often spoken at a global level. It’s an instrument for better communication. For every big brand you have heard about or maybe your dream company, the language used for communication shall be English only. Unfortunately, we do not have a recognized platform for regional language at the global level or for corporate communication. Spoken English Course in Pune

How can you learn English?

how we can learn English? There are various methods through which anyone can learn English! All you need is the right mentorship and planning along with the spirit and belief that you can do it!

The first and foremost thing that you need to do is, stop thinking that you can’t do it! You lose half the battle there when you choose to believe that you Can’t! Again, it’s language, no rocket science. You can do it and choose to believe that.

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Methods you could follow-

How can learn English speaking Reading really helps you understand English. I personally believe that those who aren’t heavy readers can always choose to read light materials and content such as books by Indian Authors. They are easy to understand and interpret. At the same time, reading is a habit that is developed over time so please don’t force yourself into being a heavy reader, rather choose to read books that will engage you and help your vocabulary.

Next, you can always write your thoughts in English. Penning down your thoughts shall give you the confidence to speak fluently as well. The idea behind this trick is that you must learn to think in English before starting to speak. We follow the traditional methods of literal translation wherein we first think in our mother tongue and then translate which results in either grammatically incorrect statements or nothing at all. So stop translating and start thinking in English.

Rest, you can do what suits you like reading English newspapers, watching English news, listening to English songs etc.

It’s a matter of time-

Any language would require a certain amount of time for you to understand and grasp it and since every individual is different, the time frame differs accordingly. You must understand and cooperate with the process that follows the learning. Joining a proper class can help you enormously. You must be wondering why there are free classes available online but offline mentorship with you being able to interact with the trainer, make mistakes, understand your faults, and eventually build a strong base of you being able to talk fluently.

All it would take is one moment of self-belief saying Yes! I can do it! All the other problems shall fall short against your belief. 


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